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I like to make comics! I develop them with the help of my Patreon, as well as create art packs that have all kinds of content.
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Alright so chiro update!! I had my first chiropractic appointment today.

Today we were focusing on only one area of my back pain and leaving the other stuff to be addressed after I get the okay from my insurance, but the treatment I'm starting should address all of it in time.

I was told that nothing seems wrong with my spine specifically, everything looks to be issues with repeated muscle strain building up over years and years. I've also got a raised rib that's causing me some issues, which is a direct result of that muscle strain. I got my first treatment to push that back into place today and I'm really sore from it, so I'm not gonna be working right now, but if I feel better in a few hours I might do some clerical stuff.

I'll be going back twice next week and once the week after to...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by JamCat 4 months ago

Happy Vore Day! :3


Posted by angel2 6 months ago

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You're welcome! <3


Posted by angel2 6 months ago

I love your new avatar profile it's so fab! :D


Posted by JamCat 11 months ago

Happy New Years!


Posted by Moreno 1 year ago

Do series2 of midna story where she eats other Nintendo characters


Posted by EnderDracolich 1 year ago

You are a great artist! You do a wide variety of content, and you label even label when your work has blood, gore, digestion, etc!


Posted by kramooo 1 year ago

Happy Vore Day


Posted by klonoa723 1 year ago

Yer stuff is amazing! :D


Posted by Sushimeep 1 year ago

<< Reply To HungrySuccubus

vore groups told me to get in on this site so here i am *jazz hands*

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Posted by trigger12 1 year ago

Do you have a larger version of your avatar?


Posted by luvboobies 1 year ago

<< Reply To HungrySuccubus

I should not look at sites without glasses again sorry for that...have fun being naughty^^

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