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Nice to have you here! I tend to draw some vore and casual things, usually with my own dumb blonde OC, Wibo!

I also tend to draw for friends from time to time if the mood is right and I have time.

Thanks for liking and favoriting my art! Stay awesome >:]

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Greetings everyone!

The time has finally COME. I think. Due to some unfortunate IRL events which I'll keep for myself I'm in desperate need for money and any help is sincerely apreciated! I'll try my best with doing some commissions.

- SORRY for the delay! Should get back to work this week! -

- Commissions! -

I'll open up 5 slots at first, just to see how it goes, and I'll tackle the commishes down one by one and keep people up to date. When I'm done with a commish I'll ask for payment of the next one and then start working!

1.  inthehouse - Completed!
2.  RoyalSerpent - Completed!
3.  tabris - Completed!
4.  SeranaTaluhn - Sketching almost done!
5.  thatonedude236 Sketching almost done!

[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Hutson 1 year ago Report



Posted by Nesporn 1 year ago Report

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Love your stuff


Posted by Nesporn 1 year ago Report



Posted by GorillaMuncher123 2 years ago Report

Hey man love your work! If you don't mind me asking what programs and brushes do you use to draw?


Posted by Koolatter167 2 years ago Report

Lovely work! <3

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Posted by Sergit 3 years ago Report

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You're most welcome ;3


Posted by RubySnoot 3 years ago Report

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Naaaaw dude, not a problem man hehe! Been really digging your style and those ADORABLE bellies; I couldn't pass it up~! Aaaaah!! And thanks a million dude, hoping to get more out soon!

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Posted by Sergit 3 years ago Report

I saw you in the chat, but I didn't know you drew too! Nice~ consider yourself officially watched by a slimegirl.


Posted by StormyRange 3 years ago Report

What a great gallery! I think I've seen some of your stuff around but now I can officially watch ya ou-/


Posted by Itsuune 3 years ago Report

HEY WIBO, Please come back ;w; I miss you!

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Posted by kveis 3 years ago Report

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i use paint tool sai (because photoshop lags too much lmao)

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