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*Be warned, I am a Nihilist.


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Welcome to my little slice of hell in this fandom. Formally, my vocation is in Computer Science, so I do a lot of tech related things. I draw as a side hobby: all for your entertainment. I enjoy enabling others.

My wife NilaWulfluvr and I are Polyamorous. We enjoy playing, as well as bringing cute little pets to our bed to add them to our collection. If you're into poly stuff, then great! I don't mind chatting about it and getting to know other poly-furs. Please note however that if you approach Nila or I with the expectation that we're going to hook up with you just because you're poly; then you're going to be disappointed real fast. Gotta connect first and see if there's a spark. If there is, then we might just keep you. If not, then that's that.

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• Pregnancy • Creampies • Double Penetration • Vore • Femboys •

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 PrefessionalSoviet  CassyInko  martyr  CharChu  Pennichan69  F1reDem0n  poojawa  JacktheDragon  SnipsChan

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 Looneyluna  FidchellVore  SirScotty  Shyguy9  CMvoreroom  Humbug  cownugget  CakeInferno  Kalnareff
 HungrySuccubus  FlaxenSoftcloth  Azathura00

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I'm around everywhere. If you're curious if I have an account someplace, just note me and hopefully we can get in contact. See you there

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Posted by seth270 1 month ago

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no probs

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Posted by ChristyRai 1 month ago

I wonder what happened to that old comic you did the front page for x3


Posted by seth270 2 months ago

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Posted by seth270 2 months ago

I thought that name looked familiar.

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Posted by CarnivorousVixen 2 months ago

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Wuf :3 *swallows you whole*


Posted by LuluLuigi 3 months ago

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No problem Jam^^.I just like your work and I'm glad we appreciate the same things ^3^


Posted by Pokemonsdoom 4 months ago

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no problem too be honest you seem to know someone I'm close to, and if she likes you, you should be cool


Posted by Pokemonsdoom 4 months ago

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No problem ypu have good art you appear to a friend of some friends, and that means you must be ok


Posted by kernac 4 months ago

Thank you very much for the watch Mr Cat :3


Posted by Nathairach 4 months ago

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My pleasure!


Posted by CassyInko 4 months ago

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Thanks so much! <3


Posted by AnonymousShark00 5 months ago

Thank you kindly for the watch! ^.^/

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