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Helloooo... I can't art to save my life but I do like to write. Bisexual and very submissive when I want to be, expect a bit of kink in my works. I like most kinds of vore, some more than others, so I'll try my best to entertain.

I also have an FA that I will be updating with the stories I post here as well as commissioned art, vore or otherwise

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The wispy tall grass of the meadow shone golden as the setting sun made way for the full moon, which languished in intensity as the moon gave rise to a faint blue tint to the air. The wind blew through the meadow much as it did in the daylight but what little heat the setting sun provided was snuffed for the chill of the night. In this meadow, untouched by most, was a small sheep, relaxing by a proper source of heat, the burning flames of his cabin’s fireplace. The sheep would poke the fire

“...and so, as quick as the monster arrived, he disappeared into the forest, and the missing campers were never heard from again… Some say the creature still stalks these very woods, waiting for more vulnerable treats to snatch up…” Lambert smirked at his enthralled crowd of buddies. Zoben, Kanin, and Zenith were all huddled up together on the other side of the roaring fire, the small bunny shaking like a leaf between the two hobkins. Zoben, the smaller of the two hobkins, darted his

It had been quite a stressful week of work for the young brown sheep, Lambert. His boss had been on edge ever since a recent addition to the museum turned out to be a forgery, and that had set the business back a bit trying to resolve the issue. Lambert knew the story back and forth at this point about how his boss had trusted the wrong guy in securing a print of the town’s founding documents, and the way Lamb’s boss would get angry each time he told the sheep while he was working had him

Chapter 1: Meeting Him
I met the most amazing fox a while ago when we found each other through this band we both enjoyed. I was friends with the lead singer and he was a fan from Australia, and as luck would have it, we started talking on a server created by the band. At first it was about the band but it quickly got more personal. We would stay up messaging each other. He would try his best to get me to sleep at a better time but the 18 hour time difference didn’t mean much

It had been a long week at work for little Lambert, the tiny sheep. After meeting that strange mouse with wide hips, he found himself missing his favorite tie which put him in an odd mood. Work just wasn’t the same without it, and a replacement wouldn’t be arriving in the mail until next week. Lambert was distraught without it, as his vest and dress shirt just didn’t have that same pazzazz that got the attention of that cute mouse. He pondered heading back to the club all week after his

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Thanks for the watch sweetie (^. .^) such a super cutie!

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