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Posted by Fumika 3 years ago Report

Thanks for watching me

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Posted by VoraciousArtistry 3 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch

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Posted by HappyDeadPony 3 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch ^3^


Posted by SplitterPic 3 years ago Report

thank you for the watch ^^


Posted by Halcyon 4 years ago Report

Thanks very much for the watch~


Posted by MirceaKitsune 4 years ago Report

Thank you for the watch!


Posted by matthewthawes 4 years ago Report

hey I was wondering if you could make something for me I'm righting a story and I need a 5 part or 4 part comic script "come here sweatie" said Rarity as her sister looked at her nervously. "...ok" shes your sister she'd never hurt you" responded sweatie ending in thought as she walks up to her sister. "you understand what you've done darling I just can't afford you to make a mess of things now I'm not made but I'm very disappointed"-but I think I have just the solution' said rarity ending in thought as she feels her stomach grumble at her. I'm sorry sis I didn't mean to, it was just so pretty" began sweatie as she moved to stand in front of her sister her sister putting a hoof on her wither. I know darling but I can't afford to lose any more time with this now I have a fair punishment for you now I love you" finished rarity as she prepared herself moistening her lips as she felt herself salivating. "ok I'm really sorr- mmph gllk.began sweatie before her world is plunged into wet darkness. 'auh what just-mngh slllgk- oh no no what she's noo' rarity please I'm sorry I promise ill never touch anything ever again RARITY PLEASE?!" she thought as she began protesting and trying to pull herself out but to no avail. easy darling its ok just relax it will be over in a few seconds after all your always seeking to spend time with me" thought rarity as she tried to tell her sister it was ok rubbing and patting her sisters back lovingly. as she got her sisters taste. "rarity rarity please huh -mph ulgk- pratest sweatie as she felt her sister rub and pat her back trying to understand what was happening as she lurched forward 'i'm ok its just oh i don't know but she'd never hurt me i think she trying to tell me its ok i hope' she thought her mind moving too fast for a second thought as she continues to try and free herself trying to feel out what was still on the outside trying to get her sister to stop and spit her out.
"RARITY PLEASE SPIT ME OUT YOU'RE SCARING ME PLEASE SIS WHAT ARE YOU DOING PLEASE I DONT WANT TO BE FOOD" she shouts trying to be sure her sister could hear her. as she felt herself lurch forward in a masive swollow feeling her head press against somthing ferm yet flexing as she began to sqeazz through it an acrid smeel hitting her senses. oh its alright darling just a few more swolows lets speed things up" thought rarity as she listind to her sisters well heard protests before lurching herself forward useing the grown as leverige and qiukly sluping up her sister there dorling now just sit tight for a bit.


Posted by Hestia042 4 years ago Report

Thank you for watching me, and even better, listening!

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Posted by PonyThroat 4 years ago Report

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I'm on the US release schedule, I didnt want to watch the Canada releases.


Posted by Sabrina 5 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by Jeschke 5 years ago Report

I, uh. <.<

Might do that actually, sometime. If that'd be alright. >.>; (Don't tell nobody though shhhh)


Posted by Mukat 6 years ago Report

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I mean, maybe? I'd want to play Undertale first though. I'm a bit reluctant to draw vore fanart of something I've bit watched/read/played, unless it's a commission for someone else.

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