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Ah, Halloween. Something about this holiday always served to bring out the best in people.Looking down at the general revelry going on below her, Deva was once again overcome by the capacity for the mortal races to manage to continue on their chosen course, no matter how counterintuitive, strange, or outright self-destructive that might be. Of course, it made her pastimes that much easier, but it was remarkable just how well the tried-and-tested methods continued to work over the years.Case in

“Mother, do you know when he will arrive?”“Calm yourself, dear. His message indicated that he would be here within the hour, and there is no reason to believe that he would be late, especially today.”Looking back over the balcony overlooking the front of the manor, Amy heaved a dramatic sigh and slumped back down into her chair, but the only reaction from her mother was a roll of her eyes as she went back to the book she had been reading. It hadn’t been long since a messenger had bro

“You’ll never get away with this, you fiend!”As soon as Cinder stepped into the dungeon, the yelling inevitably started again. She wasn’t sure if it was something that princesses were taught at a young age, or something that they learned, but without exception every single one seemed to believe that simply screaming at her enough would inevitably get them what they wanted. Princess Elaine “If you haven’t noticed, your highness, I already have. You’re in chains in my dungeon, and

“Welcome back, one and all, and for all of those just tuning in, you’ve come just in time for tonight’s final round! I am your special host for tonight’s Halloween episode, Samantha Hain, and this is Food for Thought, your favorite celebrity elimination trivia show!”Watching as the host for this ridiculous game show strutted out from offstage to yet more clamorous applause and cheering from the costumed members of the the live audience, DJ Bitch Tits (or just BT, so that the host didn

Hearing the chime of the doorbell, I looked up from the book I had been reading and grinned. Lunch had finally arrived.Walking over to the door and opening it slightly, I smiled again when I saw the young lady standing outside the door, delivery bag in one hand and phone in the other. Pulling the door open all the way, the blonde gave me a distracted smile as she tapped away at her phone, no doubt already filling out the order status to ‘Completed’, and as I took the bag from her she slid

Skidding to a stop behind one of the tall pillars that were scattered around the room, Caria fought to catch her breath, but as much as she wanted to look around the edge, to try to locate the enemy that she knew was somewhere nearby, she knew that she couldn’t risk it. Not against this foe. Taking another deep breath, she wondered just how things had gone this far out of their control.It had all started out so simply. The four of them were doing what they were best at - traveling the count

“...but before she could run, the ghost rose up through the floor around her, its hungry jaws wide! And so the last of the survivors was swallowed up, and the Haunting of the Valley House would continue on…”As Rose’s story came to an end, she stood with her arms outstretched, attempting to use the flickering shadows cast by the campfire to wring a little extra bit of ambiance out of the situation. The other girls sat and looked at her for a few seconds, before there was a snort of laug

Research Notes - Thus far, have seen no evidence of the supposed ‘etheric phenomena’ mentioned by the villagers in the nearby town. Residual magical energy is slightly higher than normal, but nothing thus far that would indicate paranormal activity. Need more data for a solid theory however.Closing her journal, Celysis looked back up at the dilapidated house and environs, she squinted, wondering what exactly it was about small towns that made them generate these types of stories. Every ti

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