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“Trick or treat!”
Looking up at the adult standing in the door holding a bowl of candy, the trio of girls waited patiently for the others in front of them to receive their share before they too were given a handful of candy. Joining in the chorus of ‘thank you-s’, they skipped and ran back down to the street before they stopped to take stock of what they had gotten and their options for the rest of the night.
“See Janice, I told you that going there would be worth

Looking down at the one kneeling before me, I just shook my head as I looked through the stack of files before me before pulling out a trio and laying them in front of me.
“You ask for another chance, after having been…’defeated’ in your own words, and yet when I review what happened to you, I find this. Let’s see just how effective you have been on your assignments, hmm?”
Opening the first of the folders, I waved my hand over the stacked papers, and the gly

On the list of things that I would never have considered before this year, leaning overtop of a reclining human and doing my best to diagnose some joint pain that she was having was certainly rather far up that list.
For me, this was something that had originally started close to two years ago. Ever since that party out in my field, things had gotten increasingly busy for me. Although there was a bit of amusement to be had in ensuring that the investigators coming to look for clues about the m

Watching the other kids run and play and scream on the playground, Samantha was more than happy to continue sitting at the picnic table and finish her book off instead rather than get hit in the head again by a dodgeball.
Well, hit in the head several times, more accurately. She had never been the most athletic of children, and she knew it, but the degree that the other kids were determined to prove that fact every chance they got seemed more than a little petty at this point. Baseball? She&r

“Oh, doctor, your 4 o’clock appointment is here.”
“Thank you, Danica. Send her up, then go ahead and head out when you’re done; I’ll close up for the weekend when I’m done here.”
“Of course, ma’am. Have a good weekend!”
Flicking off the speakerphone on her desk, Chips leaned back and stretched in her chair before straightening up her desk as the door opened and a pale elf entered. Wearing a tailored black suit and hat, and carr

Waiting was always the worst part. Well, not exactly the waiting. It was the anticipation, the knowledge that something would happen soon without knowing precisely when it would happen that was the most annoying and exhausting aspect of what was happening. It meant that I had to be fairly alert at all times, potentially for a very long span of time, while the entire time trying to not let my mind wander.
Currently, that took the form of my waiting patiently for the miko I had been shadowing t

Setting down the cooler, Narumi started to look around the small cove in near-amazement. When Ayako said that she had a surprise in store for them on their school vacation, this wasn’t what Narumi had thought that she meant, but she certainly wasn’t going to turn it down now that she had seen it.
Her and the others had been planning a trip for the members of their club for close to three months, but barely a week beforehand, the spring resort they were planning on going to had shut

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