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Judging the distance in front of her, Tonnta looked up at the top of the roof and threw, watching with no small amount of satisfaction as the roll of toilet paper went sailing up and over the roof. A moment later, another pair of rolls went sailing up only to bounce off the roof and roll back down, and a handful of eggs splattered all over one of the stained-glass windows.
“Nice shot, Blutig! How many more rolls do we have left?”
“Six more, and we still have three full carton

“What do you mean, ‘it doesn’t come charged’? What’s the point of getting this thing rush-delivered if I’m going to have to leave it plugged in for the next two days?”
“Look ma’am, I’m just the delivery driver; I don’t make those kinds of decisions. Now, can I finish unloading the rest of the shipment please? I don’t have time to deal with every entitled customer that has problems I can’t solve.”
Giving the dr


was unhappy today, and when she was unhappy, others tended to have a bad time if they were the cause.

Her weekly tribute had been rather late in arriving, and this had been something that she had been looking forward to arriving. She had been almost tempted to discipline them when they arrived, but as soon as they had, she knew that something had happen

Wedging my crowbar into the lock on the door of the mausoleum and wrenching back hard, I was satisfied to feel it give way and rip off as I put by weight behind it, and with that, the last impediment between me and a life of relaxation fell away.
“Jenna, get over here and help me get this open!”
Waiting for my assistant to help me push open the door, I couldn’t help but think about the circumstances that had led me to finding out about this little treasure trove. The owners of

Looking down at the instructions scrawled on the piece of paper, Luna was, in a word, skeptical. She wasn’t sure where Jasmine had gotten the information from, but she swore that it was legitimate and would finally answer the questions and rumors about the school for good.
“Go to the cafeteria at midnight, bar the doors, and light three candles in each corner of the room. Give a suitable offering of food and drink, and once it has finished eating, the entity will reveal to you its

“Only one house left, and then we can go to the big party at school!”
That had been their mantra, the promise that all of girls had been repeating to themselves and each other all night - finish making the long circuit around the neighborhood to get as much candy as possible, and when their trick or treating was finished the party at the school gymnasium would be ready to start, where they could have fun for the rest of the night before they had to go back home. They had followed th

“Jenna, did you bring in the rest of the drinks? Jenna? If you’re listening to that silly pod-whatsit again instead of helping, you’re not getting anything to eat!”
Hefting the last case from the back of the van, Allison turned around pushed through the front door to the raucous applause of the rest of the girls inside, and started to hand out the bottles from the case she was carrying. The planning for the party had been ad-hoc at best, but they had just barely manage

This time of year, the center of town was always busy with people out enjoying the holiday in the myriad different ways that had become common at this point, be it trick or treating, parties, or the more traditional religious services that were the roots of the holiday. What was universal was everyone’s desire to enjoy it to the fullest.
Some, however, had slightly more specific plans in mind.
Half leading and half herding a pair of younger children down the street from door to door, Chik

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