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Breathing a sigh of relief as the bell rang, I quickly swept my books off my desk and hurried out of the classroom, ducking around the other students in the hall as I worked my way out of the school. The weekend had finally come and for once I didn’t have any major homework to do, which meant that I had plenty of time to work on my own projects at home.
Making my way to the local train station, I stepped onto the train and moved down to one end, slipping on some headphones and pulling out

*ping*  *ping* *ping*  *ping*  *pi-kaCHUNK*
Giving herself a silent congratulations as the last tumbler fell into place and waving to Ruby behind her, Rose carefully pulled open the vault door and looked around inside.  It didn’t look like there was any kind of secondary security in place inside the room itself, but it was always better to be careful about this kind of thing rather than risk undoing all of their careful work.
Fortunately for the two, there didn’t

Sometimes things just turned out differently than they initially appeared. Instead of the ‘romantic private beach’ that the brochure had promised, the passengers on the flat-bottomed passenger boat had been all but tossed out on the small beach surrounded by scraggly trees and steep bluffs before the pilot had cheerfully announced that they’d be back in six hours to pick them all up and promptly left. Instead of a ‘private getaway perfect for couples and small parties&r

“Station, this is patrol car 4. I’ve reached the address, but there doesn’t seem to be anything going on here. You’re certain this is where the disturbance complaint was called in on? Over.”
“Patrol car 4, this is station. That’s the correct address, the complaint said that a barbeque or party was getting too rowdy. Check the premises, but be careful. Additional units are en-route. Station out.”
Putting the radio back in place and looking bac

Looking down at the strange metal contraption, I watched as yet another group of them arrived at the station and let out another group of the little ones, only for another group to get back on. I had watched them come and go for some time now, and I was beginning to figure out how they worked.
It had been some time since I had first arrived here in this strange place, but I was starting to get used to things around here. It was much different than the jungles I had grown up in; finding a safe

“Hilarry, where did you want the fuel for the lanterns?”
“One would assume somewhere near the lanterns themselves.  Look, for the last time, I hired you to make sure this expedition and dig went smoothly; if I had the inclination to do it myself, you wouldn’t be here, so please do what I’m paying you to and stop bothering me unless it’s important!”  Hilarry had indeed hired...whatever her name direct virtually all of the operations of

“...two large slices of pepperoni, an extra large order of mozzarella sticks, and a large diet soda, please.”
“...And a diet soda. Anything else?”
“Hmm? Oh, no. My friend should be here soon, but she’ll put in her own order when she gets here.”
“Alright, just let me know when she gets here and I’ll be right out.” Working to get everything written down, Darla was relieved when the lady absent-mindedly nodded her head, already glued

Running my tongue over the struggling form in my mouth one last time, I swallowed and sighed happily as I felt the squirming bulge slide down my throat. She had been a good appetizer, but I was in the mood for a bigger meal than that today, so I picked up the bag she had dropped and stepped back out of the alleyway, idly looking through it while I headed deeper into the city.
Checking a few of the more popular places nearby, I recognized more than a few of the city’s other preds out on th

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