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“Lulu, come on in! The water’s fine!”
Looking up from where she was sunbathing on the raft, Lulu sighed as her friends once again tried to tempt her into the water. She didn’t mind swimming at the beach, but at the moment, she was more than content to stay up on the raft and enjoy the warmth of the sun. Of course, that didn’t seem to appeal to about half of the girls that had come with her, and they were eagerly paddling and splashing around the small lagoon.

Sometimes, Garnet had to go through a rather inordinate amount of work to ensure she had adequate nutrition, and other times, all she had to do was sit back and let her meals come to her.
Watching the party of three come down the tunnel, Garnet slowly moved into position, being careful not to draw their attention. When she had first heard about this particular quirk in her food, she was...surprised, to say the least, but she wasn’t going to question it much at all. She had encountered a

“Ah, excuse me, ma’am? What’s this ‘VIP Package’ down here at the bottom? All it says is to ask an employee about it.” Flagging down the barista that had served her, Dawn was looking at the menu questioningly. She had been here a few times beforehand, but had never noticed that little bit of print at the bottom.
The elven barista behind the counter glanced over as she was mixing another drink, then smiled broadly as she got a better look at Dawn. “O

“No no no no NO, why now, of all times for this to happen, why today?!?”
Looking out at the downed bridge with a horrified expression on her face, the High Priestess tried to think of some other way they could get across the gorge, but looking back at everything they had brought, there was just no way. Maybe they could get the outsider across, and maybe they could move the fruits and other offerings over the 50 foot span, but there was no way the palanquin would make it, not to ment

“You’re certain there’s even anything back here? That old file you found said that this tunnel was closed.”
Looking back at her complaining subordinate, Leslie stopped and shook her head. “For the last time, the file very specifically stated that the tunnel was closed because they didn’t have the time to properly survey the end of it. The company wants to find out if there’s anything down there, so here we are. It’s probably nothing, but we&rsq

Shuddering and groaning, I pulled herself up from the small depression I had curled up in, shaking my head to try to clear the pounding feeling I felt throughout my body. Wincing as nothing seemed to work, I rose up, poking my head over the rows of corn nearby as I heard something in the distance, and suddenly everything made sense. Next to the old barn was a collection of cars, bikes, and other vehicles, along with all of their passengers. Even from this distance I could smell the alcohol on

“Time for your checkup, dear~”
Jerking awake, Gwen clutched at her chest, heaving in a gasp of air. Looking over at her clock, she squinted when she realized that she had been asleep for only about an hour. At this rate, she wasn’t going to get any decent rest all night. Turning over, she shuffled around on her bed, and tried to forget the unsettling dream that had woken her up.
“Come now, little one, it isn’t nice to ignore someone like that…”

Walking up to their ship, Xandra had to admit that today had gone rather well. Her and the boss had gone out on the usual rounds collecting their cut from the local shops, and things had gone better than even she had hoped. The noodle stand had tried to bribe them (which meant free lunch), the liquor store had offered them next week’s payment early, and the idiot from the butcher had even tried to shortchange them! She had been wanting to hit him so badly ever since he had given her tha

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