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“Do you think they’ll take the job?”
“Oh, they’ll take it. It’s exactly the kind of thing that they’ve done before, and I know they’re short on coin at the moment. This is too good of an opportunity to pass up.”
“Well then, all we need to do is wait. Gods, I’m already looking forward to this…”
Yawning sleepily, Thalia slung her spear over her shoulder and picked up her pack before giving a wave to the inn&rsquo

“Are the latest test subjects ready?”
“Yes doctor, everything is prepared. Should we start?”
“Yes, as soon as the equipment is set up, begin the experiment.”
Ex-peer-ement. I wasn’t sure what exactly they meant by it, but every time I heard them say that word, they gave me different kinds of food. I wasn’t sure why, and I didn’t know why they didn’t just say ‘food’ or ‘feeding’ like they did other times

Slowly moving up the beach, I looked around at the scattered beachgoers that were still on the waterfront this late at night. When it was this warm out, there were always people up late enjoying the beach for as long as they could, and that just meant more opportunity for me. Taking my time walking past them, I adjusted my hat and kept moving, staying clear of any of them so that they wouldn’t see any of my lower limbs under my dress.
I had to move slowly around the humans and their like

Yawning, I felt my eyes drooping shut as I contemplated the last page of results from the tests today, and I finally pushed them aside, cradling my head in my hands. There was just so much that needed to be done still, and nowhere near enough time. With every breakthrough had simply come yet more questions, and as I stood and yawned, I wondered if it would ever cease.
Adjusting my glasses and walking over to the other side of the lab, I looked down at the culmination of my work, and simultaneo

Groaning as she held her head and slowly sat up, Livian looked around, trying to figure out what had happened. She had been out late with a friend, doing some research for an article they were working on together, and the last she remembered was something hard smacking her in the back of the head, and then unconsciousness. The throbbing headache she had was likely a side effect of that, but it was making concentrating on much of anything rather difficult.
Looking around, she was not terribly e

“To think that this where I get sent...I’m telling ya, I didn’t do anything to deserve this!”
“Just keep moving. And what do you mean, ‘didn’t do anything’? You ate the entire crew of the merchantman you hijacked, then ate all of the civil police they sent after you, and then four Marines before the rest managed to catch up to you. And that’s just in the past month!” Pushing her roughly in the back with her rifle, the guard, whose n

Ducking around the tree, I paused to catch my breath, using the thick trunk to give me a moment of respite. Looking down, I saw more of the strange little darts sticking out of my side, and I hurriedly yanked them out. I didn’t know what they were, or why the foreigners were launching them at me with their thundersticks, but I had a feeling that they weren’t good for me. Hearing their cries come closer, I took off again, barreling through the forest as fast as I could.
Something w

It was the vibrations along the pavement that woke her. She had an...intuition for things like this. Too jerky and sudden for normal driving, but without the hesitance that signified a new driver. Plus they were hitting speeds that no ordinary driver would attempt without risking a ticket or worse. No, this could only be one thing.
Racers. Someone was racing on her turf.
Pulling out from her garage, she sped off down the highway, heart racing and radio blasting to the night sky as she appro

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