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Looking up from her book, Chiaki stood and straightened out the ruffles on her skirt before walking over to the doorway, setting down her book before pulling the door open. Smiling at the children outside, she motioned to the large cauldron filled with candy and watched as they each took one, then waved as they laughed and giggled their way back down the steps outside.
It was interesting seeing the different customs for this holiday around the world; Chiaki had see

Stepping up to the railing of the spectator area overlooking most of the track, Kelly had to admit that she was impressed.
Most considered something like go kart racing just a hobby, something for children not old enough to drive an actual car yet, and thus paid it no more attention than someone would any other ride at an amusement park, to be fair, Kelly was mostly the same save for one key difference.
She was, in fact, still too young to race professionally, but ever since she had seen a show

“Vanessa, are you ready? We’ll need to head out soon.”
Glancing back as one of the attendants poked her head into the dressing room, I gave her a quick nod before looking back at the set of mirrors in front of me. Gazing at the dress, the veil, the flowers, and everything else that I was wearing and surrounded by, it still felt somewhat surreal. It was hard to believe that this day had arrived, and yet here it was.
I had always known that it would though, sooner or later. I

“Can you believe this? Who would ever go for something this dumb?”
Looking up as Yolle flipped the laptop around so that she could see the screen, Misaki squinted at the flashy graphics on the screen that were obscuring the tight lines of text on the page. At this point they had already been through at least a dozen of these personal ads on this particular dating website, with most of them being distressingly similar, but this one was easily the worst thus far.
A number of what loo

On the list of things that I preferred to not have to deal with, hearing something splatter against the windows and side of the house this late at night was quite high up on that list. This time of year, it could only really be one thing, and I was very much not looking forward to needing to spend tomorrow outside in the cold trying to hose dried egg off the siding. This was the third year in a row that kids from the neighborhood had decided that this was how they wanted to spend their nights

“Embyr! Embyr, come on, you gotta try this!”
Stepping up to where Natalia was waving at me, I looked with amusement at the sideshow game that she was indicating. One of the fairly standard ‘test your strength’ kind of attractions where you hit a button with what is typically a comically-oversized hammer, I looked dubiously at the hammer that the nervous attendant was offering me before I just shook my head and stepped up to the switch. Drawing back, I lifted a foot and

“Anna, I know that you said that this wasn’t really a huge deal earlier, but of all the places to go, why did you pick this one?”
“Because it’s the biggest one, duh. If we’re gonna go this, may as well make it something that people will respect, right?”
Gazing up at the elaborate mausoleum that dominated this portion of the graveyard, Jenna had to concede that part of the argument. There was no doubt that this was the largest mausoleum for counties aro

Another day, another mortal summons to answer.
Now don’t get me wrong, there are most certainly benefits to working with mortals, and there has only been one time where their involvement has been a true detriment. Mortals always wanted something, and so the opportunity to draw them into profitable arrangements was never a difficult one to manage.
The problem was that they always wanted something, and once they learned that I could provide, more often than not they grew dependent on what I

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