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Things that make me happy in my pants - in terms of vore:
Mainly OV; same size or slight size differences; preferably unwilling; M pred/ M prey; M pred/ F prey; creatures, monsters and beasties of almost any kind (tho big, bulky and with a ton of teeth are the best); gore/guro; hard vore.

Things that don't do much for me (but I will still draw for money) - in terms of vore:
Almost everything else not on that list, except scat, watersports and XXX underage, because those are a complete NO GO.

PLEASE NOTE: Just because you happen to like something I enjoy, that doesn't make us instant best buddies or RP partners. Save yourself the time to write that PM, because I will -NOT- RP with you.
And no, writing me a PM with what you like doesn't work either... unless you fancy a place on my ignore list, for I am not putting up with that kinda spam.

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Posted by Temm 3 months ago Report

Wah! Thanks for the fav, I love your stuff! Make sure to check out the original artist too!


Posted by KeeperofLillies 5 months ago Report

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Posted by CraftyCarneCafe 10 months ago Report


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Posted by alopexalex 11 months ago Report

so much of your beautiful art is missing from your gallery


Posted by TalenKlaive 1 year ago Report

I've always loved your art! What happened to all the old Naga vore tho? Love me some Jidane Nagas!


Posted by UrbanCoyote 1 year ago Report

Oh man, I think you were on VCL back in the day? Love your work. :D

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Posted by Adloquium 2 years ago Report

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Why thank you very much! I'm quite happy to hear since you are someone whose FFXIV art inspired me to start sharing my writing. I have an alt character on Balmung as well so I'm certainly not unfamiliar with the place. Maybe we can meet sometime! \o/


Posted by Stalbon 2 years ago Report

Goodness, I had no idea that you were back! Nice to see you and your art around once more. ^_^


Posted by Murdock 2 years ago Report

I'm glad to see you're posting again. Your stuff has always been amazing, and it's a real treat to see it pop up again. :>


Posted by sinsnail 2 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch my dude ;v

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Posted by dodoman_1er 2 years ago Report

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Why thank you! :D

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