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Things that make me happy in my pants - in terms of vore:
Mainly OV; same size or slight size differences; preferably unwilling; M pred/ M prey; M pred/ F prey; creatures, monsters and beasties of almost any kind (tho big, bulky and with a ton of teeth are the best); gore/guro; hard vore.

Things that don't do much for me (but I will still draw for money) - in terms of vore:
Almost everything else not on that list, except scat, watersports and XXX underage, because those are a complete NO GO.

PLEASE NOTE: Just because you happen to like something I enjoy, that doesn't make us instant best buddies or RP partners. Save yourself the time to write that PM, because I will -NOT- RP with you.
And no, writing me a PM with what you like doesn't work either... unless you fancy a place on my ignore list, for I am not putting up with that kinda spam.

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Hello and welcome to my humble little place for the more or less "naughty" antics I put on digital canvas.
This gallery will offer images, adoptables and auctions, ranging from tasteful nudity to more "dirty" pictures, also including vore and guro. Feel free to make yourself comfortable and have a look around.
I hope you enjoy your stay!

If you are interested in my work, please take a moment to read through this journal entry, as well as the COMMISSION STATUS tab found on the homepage here. It should cover all the things you need to know about commissions, usage permissions and my art in general. If there any questions left after your read through it, feel free to send me a PM.
If you send me a...
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Posted by AnonymousShark00 1 year ago

THank you for the watch! *Salutes*


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Thanx 4 DA watch and welcome! ^w^


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Thanks much for the watch!


Posted by FinalRoar 2 years ago

> :0c Come meet me in the pit.

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Posted by Paragon-Flux 2 years ago

Welcome back~ It must have been years since I last saw your work... :> Was just a lurker then though. Good to see you back~ Ciao~


Posted by Ravish 2 years ago

Welcome back Ji. Glad to see you're here again!

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Posted by Chameleonette 2 years ago

Thanks a lot for the watch! :) I appreciate it!

Coora Ithirid

Posted by Coora Ithirid 2 years ago

Welcome back ^^ we missed you!


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Posted by Conn 2 years ago

Dunno why but I cant seem to read your blog entries anytime I click to do it, says they dont exist ;-;


Posted by Malezor 2 years ago

Thanks for the watch! :D

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