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It me, the boye!

I service a pretty wide variety of kinks, but I tend to lean towards filthier kinks like gas, disposal, ass worship and the like.

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There sat Diana, on the cold, hard pavement, face to face with that all too familiar rose-tinted tail tip. Blue and red lights blared, but all of the cars of the officers that came to aid her were empty, many of them flipped, or turned into a roaring inferno.. She was bound up proper with that rope of hers . . . Squirming, defeated by the fat-assed Ampharos, The Lustful Lighthouse, a sinister boi with a horrifying gift that; a gaping pseudo-maw on the end of his tail, one that pat

The harvest was coming in. It was a time for celebration for all! Well, not all, truth be told. While the benefits of labor done by the workers on a quiet ranch were enjoyed by those sitting at the very top, those toiling below often saw little to no return for their hard work. In fact, it

was not

a stretch to say that to be a worker on Marigold Pastures was

a shitty job. This was true anywhere,



help himself as he sneered down at the elves who'd received him. Summoned to a forest not too far from a cave


taken to furnishing as his abode while he was traveling - or, at least, one he'd made servants tend to the furnishing, before promptly packing them away as little more than a few extra pounds - by &he

“Heard about what you did to Melony, ” Marnie folded her arms, her expression impassive as always. She looked almost bored, the punk regarding her former rival, Gloria, with something like a modicum of concern. They were friends, after all, even if their rivalry had been intense at its peak.
Gloria giggled sweetly, squeezing over his cheeks, since amplied from his encounter with the icy milf of Circhester. Reaching for her own belt, she activated her pokeball, before he released Blis

“If we could make this quick, darling?”
Melony teased the feminine figure in front of her. Sporting a grey hoodie over a pink button up dress, Gloria went to great lengths to look his best.
Hand on her hip, the middle-aged, but ever gorgeous wintery gym leader of Circhester flicked her hair, winking at the femboy, holding up her first ultra ball, her other hand on her hip, she tossed the ball up in the air for a moment, before calling her Frosmoth out into the stadium.
Gloria only sm

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Jocaste's Blog - The Next Story Posted 2 years ago

It's a small story, working diligently through a bad sleep schedule. Should be out in the next few days.

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Posted by clockwork 2 months ago Report

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Somft boi deserves all the watches! :3


Posted by noytch 3 months ago Report

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you are welcome

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Posted by CaseyKane 3 months ago Report

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Thanks back. Message anytime, always happy to chat art'n'stuff ;)

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Posted by KittensMittens67 3 months ago Report

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For sure! I'm definitely a fan of the filthier kinks you explore, I'm looking into making some content myself but it's harder than I thought


Posted by WobblyWolfess 5 months ago Report

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Thank you as well! Sorry it took so long to respond!

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Posted by Hoots 6 months ago Report

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you're welcome :)


Posted by Hoots 6 months ago Report

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maybe I will! bet you'd LOVE the smell, stimkly


Posted by BalouCyan 6 months ago Report

No need to thank me cutie~


Posted by adrian12 6 months ago Report

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No problem

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Posted by Umiriko 6 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch sweetie (^. .^)

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Posted by HanaNoms 8 months ago Report

Thanks for the fave!~


Posted by Victusu 10 months ago Report

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No problem.

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