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dreaming quite peacefully about going to a fair, Anali was rudely
awakened by some broads storming into her dorm. The lights flipped on
and gave her and the other girl in the dorm, Melanie, a pretty
intense jump. One, two, three, four girls came in to grab her. Before
she was grabbed by her ankles and slammed onto the floor she barely
made out two of them, Fulda and Vivian, and some girl she didn't know
holding and iPhone and recording her.
hopped out of her bed and yelled, "W

awkwardly swerved into a parking spot. Meenah was only supposed to
drop Willow off at her place, but Willow was insisting that she come
inside too. It wasn't safe to drive when she was so drunk. "I
need to be back home to check on Wesley..." wasn't enough to
appease her. After sitting in the darkness of the lot outside the
apartment complex long enough Meenah had cracked. Nervously she
stepped out of her car and Willow took her hand to whisk her away...
place didn't seem

They hadn't punched any holes in the top of the box, so 9432 couldn't see through the darkness. Her carrier clearly didn't give a shit about handling her right, considering she had already probably sprained her left wrist. The world continued to sway underneath her. A small sob crept from her mouth before she returned to the silence she'd been trained to maintain.
Again with the holes, obviously the box was getting hotter and hotter and more cramped with every few minutes. It was always

"Please help me, dear God please help me," Anna mumbled desperately into the yellow sludge around her. Struggling only pulled her further into the mess like quicksand. As she sunk deeper she came closer to the intense heat of the hot dog beneath her, searing her back and only causing further distress. Above her was the nonchalant chitter-chatter of Anna's best friend and soon-to-be murderess, Thalia, and the rest of her relatively uninteresting and ultimately unimportant friends.

Any pretty woman knows that walking out alone at night is serious trouble. And that's exactly what Farrah was thinking as she trodded quietly down the sidewalk, nearly two A.M. in the middle of the city. Street lights illuminated the path before her, casting a long shadow into the road beside her. No cars nearby, basically every establishment nearby completely dead. Typical night stuff. The moaning of crickets was a great way to give her serious heebie-jeebies.
Stupid, she thought to her

It was half past six. They drove down the street to Melina's apartment, where K. was gonna meet her girls. Her 'crew,' that's what Melina called them. It seemed pretty corny to K., but that was beside the point. She stared out the passenger window at the passing street lights, watching the lines in the road curve and bend to the swerving of the car. Melina was way too strung out to be driving this late into the day.
Stars were speckled across the sky by the time that they arrived at Meli

I've found myself in the overt and rank darkness of a stomach. A moistened, tight pit dimpled by deep crevasses filled with bile and mucus. The walls are throbbing, shifting under my body and bringing me deeper into the chasm. Around me is little to no air, only the choking fumes that are produced by food that's broken down and eventually digested here. With no light to guide me I use my hands to grasp at the flesh I'm on and get an idea of what my standing is, here, in this stomach. As I'm blin

The room was spinning. Second by second Thom dwindled in size. The entire room was fading in and out as he was brought closer to the floor. Above him was Lana's towering figure. Her shadow slowly crept over him while he shrunk, almost like she was an enormous statue. First he passed by her sweater, and lower was her black skirt, then her stockings and finally he came to her shoes, two white Chucks with her shoelace wrapped around the ankle.
When he finally came to a stop he had to have b

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