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Just a little vore artist who enjoys making cute vore :>

Deviantart: https://just-a-little-vore.deviantart.com/
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I stream too!

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Hey I'm opening some emergency commissions.. Our only car broke down and I need to raise about $600+ to fix it. I have $400 in my bank atm and I'm going to need a little extra since I don't know if they'll find something else wrong with it. So I'll be streaming commissions all morning till we have to go pick up the car later today.. I know it's not a good time frame but we had to tow it yesterday and just now found out the pricing.

Send me a note if you'd like something from me~
$25 + $5 per extra person
$35 + $15 extra person
$65 + $25 extra person

I stream here:

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Posted by zerobeat 2 months ago Report

Someone posted lot of your content on "E-Hentai" ==> https://e-hentai.org/g/1447613/a4b1814deb/ :c


Posted by UnknownGuy404 2 months ago Report

Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I love your art and your drawings owo

I really love them =w=

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Posted by Skid42 3 months ago Report

Heeeey, so your Patreon is apparently under review right now? Honestly I'd recommend moving to subscribestar.adult instead, they're not cracking down on content like Patreon is.


Posted by Lampton 4 months ago Report

<< Reply To JustALittleVore

Thanks, same to you! :>


Posted by Apostolos 6 months ago Report

I have found the same sets as Bellyl0ver, here is a link to one of them. https://e-hentai.org/g/1376373/97c1811278/

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Posted by Bellyl0ver 6 months ago Report

Someone posted two of you comics, Literal Babysitter and Literal Best Friend on a website called e-hentai. Was this with your consent or knowledge?

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Posted by Onewingedangel 9 months ago Report

Just for the record, I buy all your stuff because I think you're underappreciated and some of your free work, like what you posted tonight, does more for me than most artists ever do. Umf. Thank you.


Posted by ocarinaofbudder 9 months ago Report

Happy Bday and Congrats

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Posted by Bellyl0ver 11 months ago Report

Love the way you draw chubby girls.

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Posted by Donkata 1 year ago Report

I love your art, and would simply love to commission you again! <3


Posted by DragonOFire 1 year ago Report

Before I fully discovered the community behind vore I had found your art, and ever since you’ve never failed to amaze me~ now that I have an account I wanted to shout at you and say you have really great art and stuff~! <3

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Posted by ScoIipedes 1 year ago Report

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Hey! I honestly don't know why it took me so long to try it but I feel like it paid off /o/

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