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Hi. I'm JustSomePrey. I'm a male human, who is 26.

Vore likes:
- Female preds.

Vore dislikes:
-Male Preds
-Hard vore

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Name: Jack Samwise Praedam
Age: 25
Species: Micro-human/Borrower
Height: 1 inch

Jack has brown hair and blue eyes, he is Caucasian and tends to wear a t-shirt, cargo pants, and sneakers. Being born a micro, the world is pretty tough so he's rather thin. His hobbies include crafting the objects necessary for his survival in a giant world after he left the micro/borrower city he was born in. Unlike most borrowers he has a set of strange abilities though. His body is capable of taking large amounts of abuse, and while he still feels an appropriate amount of pain, he's capable of surviving almost any injury; he can also survive with little to no air, allowing him to survive the entire trip through a predator; finally, these abilities also protect his clothing, oddly enough. His durability is...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by TitaniumChelle 2 months ago

Thanks for the fave! I'm glad you enjoyed :)


Posted by FieryLion 4 months ago

Thanks for the fav :3


Posted by lovesdogs24 7 months ago

<< Reply To JustSomePrey

That is actually what hung me up on that story. I hit a block once that idea was suggested. I was so set on a graphic digestion that I'm having a bit of trouble working in a non-fatal. We'll see how it goes.


Posted by lovesdogs24 7 months ago

<< Reply To JustSomePrey

Yes, I do plan on uploading that one at a later time. It will be some time before I get around to finishing up Chapter 2 in that series. Its nice to hear that story still has some fans, though :)

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