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Hi. I'm JustSomePrey. I'm a male human, who is 24.

Vore likes:
- Female preds.

Vore dislikes:
-Male Preds
-Hard vore

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Hello everybody, I'm JustSomePrey or JSP for short. As you can tell, I created this account a year ago. As I have on my front page, I'm a straight, male human of twenty four years of age. I may or may not write vore stories, I'm not that good an author, so who knows. If you need a prey in an RP, well, like the name implies, I'm a prey. PM me if you want me to join, and it would probably be good to tell me where to go, considering, that I'm not very savvy with this site. One note though, I don't do male preds, only female preds and no futa. As for vore itself, I'm okay with all but CV and HV. I prefer vore that is non-fatal. Pred age is somewhat important to me, for obvious reasons I would really prefer not to be on the insides of a wrinkled old lady, so basically let's say I'm fine with...
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Posted by lovesdogs24 1 month ago

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That is actually what hung me up on that story. I hit a block once that idea was suggested. I was so set on a graphic digestion that I'm having a bit of trouble working in a non-fatal. We'll see how it goes.


Posted by lovesdogs24 1 month ago

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Yes, I do plan on uploading that one at a later time. It will be some time before I get around to finishing up Chapter 2 in that series. Its nice to hear that story still has some fans, though :)

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