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Nothing, but some of the worst fetish art you'll ever see on here. Mostly just stuff that involves big bellies, specifically stuffing, pregnancy, and vore. Also a fan of the argonians from the Elder Scrolls. Not really sure what to put. If you’re watching my work, thanks you



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Twitter, I guess D:

1. HighCapacityPanda
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3.Axel the Tepig

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Trade Rules
1. If you want me to draw your Oc, then I'm most likely gonna ask for you to one of mine.
2. If it's an established franchise character, then I'll mostly ask for one for you to do.
3. If you want me to just draw one of my Ocs, then I’d probably ask you one thing from above, either another oc of mine or established franchise character
5. No comics or sequences
6. Please read my "Will Do, Won't Do" List.

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Killboo's Blog - Commissions opening Posted 6 days ago

Now let me just get this out of the way, this isn't first come first serve, so if I'm not interested, please don't feel as though it's an attack on you. Anyways I'm gonna do three slots, and anyone that wants one, but doesn't make it can be put on the waitlist and i'll ask if you're still interested

Before you decide to make a comm, please read this

If you are younger than 18, please don't ask a commission from me. Please be sure to message me your idea by DM'ing/note me, and if I'm interested, I'll give you my discord. From there I'll show my PayPal. Please realize that I'd like advanced pay please, and if you say that you'll give me money later, I won't do the commission. On discord, I'll be sure to show you the process, just...
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Posted by SleeperDragon 6 months ago Report

You are the BEST Argonan artist around! Honestly the pregnant ones make me happy because they are seen as the worst race in Tamriel even though they are the strongest, living in acid water and thriving before the Nords.

Pregnant ones are great! make more! <3

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