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Hello! I'm a new poster to this site but frequent reader. I started writing vore stories over on tumblr at just-a-nibble where I take prompts/request and decide to transfer my stories over here too.

I'm also open for commissions, find more info here:

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Evan was a promising honor student in the 10th grade. Many people claimed he was a genius. He had a skinny body from never working out and being so absorbed in his work he would forget to eat… but someday soon, it would all be worth it. For weeks now, Evan had been working on his project for the science fair: a chemical that can shrink matter. It would be revolutionary! Hard at work in the lab once again, Evan was figuring out the last few steps. One wrong move and everything could blow.

It was normal for roommates to accidentally walk in on each other once in a while. Toby and Richard had their fair share of such interactions, only made extra awkward by their slight attraction to one another, but this really took the icing on the cake.

“Hey Rich, have you seen...” Toby trailed off, eyes wide at the site before him. Richard was spread out on top of his bed covers, naked as the day he was born. He was panting as Richard franticall

For Greg, the evening was turning out to be the best he ever had. Yasmin has inserted the mystery toy into his rectum, and it vibrated in an unpredictable manner. It kept Greg wonderfully on edge at all times, never certain when another round of movement would cause him to clench down on the object that fit so perfectly in his anus.

Even better, Yasmin continued to stimulate him as well, slowly stroking him off from behind as she careful

Ignoring Violet’s pleas, Derek advanced, separating Ian’s cheeks to reveal the eager pucker. This was Derek’s goal as he moved the hand containing Violet down, nestling the girl between the cheeks so she was caught pressed up against Ian’s anus.

“How’s she feel?” Derek asked, rubbing the tiny girl around in circular motions to humiliate her further and stimulate his partner.

“Frick, babe.” Ethan said, stroking himself as he fondled at his balls. “I can’t wait to feel you inside.”

His shrunken girlfriend stood before him, shifting from foot to foot. “I hope it’s not too messy in there.” Diana admitted, wanting to enjoy herself if possible. It had taken a lot of convincing on Ethan’s part for Diana to agree to this, finally swayed by the idea of being the

“It’ll just be for a little while, our little secret throughout the day.”

When Ethan first proposed the idea to his girlfriend Diana, he had expected the tiny woman to be horrified. Instead, she seemed intrigued enough to let Ethan explain. After a little bit of coaxing, Diana was on board, and found herself squirming just a little nervously as Ethan gave her one final peck on the cheek.

It was supposed to be the best day of Jane’s life. She woke up that day expecting to marry the love of her life, John. What she didn’t expect was to feel woozy a few bites into her wedding cake.

“You too, dear?” John winced, looking equally under the weather. “I didn’t see food poisoning on the itinerary.”

“Well, something was boun

Yasmin looked at Greg, her boyfriend, presenting his backside to her on his hands and knees. He fidgeted with nerves, but like a true gentleman of his word Greg didn’t turn around.

“No peeking,” she reminded him anyways. “Now this is one of my newest toys, but I want you to really break it in for me, so how about it spends the evening inside your beautiful pucker? If you can survive that, I’m certain some vi

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Hey everyone! I just updated my commissions info, I want to write some more vore soon and while I've done commissions in the past I've never done it here on eka's portal so I thought I'd give it a go!

I'm basically up for anything, just message me your ideas and we can go from there. I put a few fave topics on my commission info in case you're looking for inspiration but that's really not meant to be a catch-all list.

Pricing is $10 / 1,000 words, but you can specify a word count higher or lower than that and the pricing will change at the same rate. ($0.01 / word)

I'm only taking a few commissions right now (2-3) so I don't burn myself out with my actual jobs too, but I think it should be easy enough to balance. And if it's not, guess you'll see...
[ Continued ... ]

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