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Together, Reina and Mitsuki yelped and gasped and moaned in pleasure as they all but laid on top of Yusuke in Mitsuki’s bed. Under them, Yusuke moaned ecstatically as he suckled from


their breasts at once, just barely able to squeeze Mitsuki’s left nipple and Reina’s right between his lips at the same time. Normally, they would have taken turns letting him suck on their tits, but today was a special occasi

Mitsuki gasped and moaned, gripping Yusuke’s bedsheets. Her face was red with pleasure, and she yelped in a sudden spike of ecstasy; she felt almost unbearably hot and was sweating profusely. She cried out as she came, feeling Yusuke’s tongue sliding against the walls of her vagina. He gulped down her love juices and continued giving her lip service; she yelled again as he tickled her clitoris and her face went several shades deeper as she came almost instantly.

Mitsuki turned the faucet off as the bathtub finished filling up. She lowered herself down into the bubbly water and gave a relaxed sigh as the water warmed her. As she sat down, her knees reemerged from the suds and her JJ-cup breasts bobbed in the water a little bit. She ducked her head under the water for a moment, then resurfaced, a few strands of her long, light brown hair drooping over her face.

“Mmmm…this is nice&hell

The door to the Toyohara home
opened, more slowly than usual. Reina walked in, supporting Yusuke,
who was having some trouble staying on his feet otherwise. It was
late out—the moon was already rising over Fukuoka’s skyline.
Reina yelled out, “Mom! Mama, I need some help!”
looked up from the book she was reading on the couch, quickly marking
her place with a slip of paper as she got up. Casually tossing it
onto a chair as she passed by it, she asked, “What happened?”

Reina moaned a bit as she woke up. She could feel Mitsuki’s head resting against her bare chest, still asleep with a contented smile on her face. Her head hurt; it took Reina a moment and an ache in her skull to remember that all three of them had been drinking last night. Slowly, her eyes fluttered open and she looked around sluggishly.

Okay, let’s see…

she thought to herself,

Mitsuki hummed a tune to herself as she loaded groceries into the trunk of her car. As she straightened up, she pushed a few strands of her long, light brown hair out from in front of her amber eyes; she could see a few men passing by who couldn’t help but gawk at her sexy form in her peripheral vision. It earned glares and sometimes slaps for all of them who had wives and girlfriends with them. Mitsuki couldn’t blame them for looking: it wasn’t just vanity or affirmation from

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Slightly annoyed that I couldn't post this with the upload, but the blog system was temporarily down when I finished the update. Luckily, that was only a few days ago and everything seems fine now.

Anyway, I've completed the latest rewrite and reformatting of Chapter I: Fine Dining, a long-standing chapter in my Anyone You Can Do...I Can Do Better! fanfic. I know I said was going to prioritize the rewrite of Chapter M in my previous blog post, but I hit a bit of writer's block and a compelling idea for an Extra chapter of Fine Dining occurred to me. I decided I would work on them semi-concurrently and ended up blowing through the Chapter I rewrite pretty quickly.

Along with rewriting the chapter into the main format that I'll be...
[ Continued ... ]

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