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Heya! My online name is Lukenul or you can call me Luke. I am on at least once every day, but I only upload when I feel like it-sorry!

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Amanda had lost all sense of time in her alien surroundings. Slick, yet grossly sticky slime coats her body and she reeks eternally of semen. The rippled walls of the testicle provide no comfort, as they are just as slick as she is, so there is nowhere for her to hold to. The dark chamber had been gradually filling higher, and now up to her breasts as she sits in the spunk, beginning to notice the minute squirming and wriggling within the viscous fluid. She couldn’t quite decide how to rea

Kath’s cell door slams shut behind her, officially locking her away. Thus begins her next fifteen years of monotonous hell, surrounded by overly horny and lonely other women that have been there for varying amounts of time. It was her luck she has her own individual cell, or else she’s worried the women might throw themselves at her upon finding out about her very unladylike appendage. Rape is still rape, and Kath doesn’t want anything to do with it. She sighs and sits on the b

The night is dark and the moon is high. The city is silent except for the sound of the car’s engine as it roars with the wind and sirens in the distance. Amanda is in the passenger seat of the Lamborghini the two accomplices stole, going easily over a hundred miles an hour on the city streets. Drifting through turns and getting airborne on small bumps, Amanda clings to the seat as to not fly out. Looking next to her, the driver is a rugged teenage girl, hitting the gas with all of her weig

She yawns, stretching as she sits up in bed. She looks down to only find a small lump in her belly, looking like a three-months expectant mother. You feel her gently pat your body before standing. Wobbling at first, she gains her balance and begins brushing her hair.

“Sleep well my little belly baby?”

Your eyes are blurry and you stretch yourself, but it doesn’t take long to realize where you are. You have woken here enough time

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Lukenul's Blog - Hello! Posted 2 years ago

Hi, I'm Luke.

I like to write and draw vore.

My art has vastly improved recently, but my tablet is completely destroyed and unfix-able.
I'm considering uploading my pencil sketches as a dump to peak people's interest in my content
I want to become more involved in this community but I'm nervous about showing my art when I haven't heavily edited it

In the meantime, I will continue uploading segments to stories of whatever floats through my head.
If anyone wants to help donate towards my getting a new tablet, I might open a patreon.

I love vore, and want to share my kinky habits with other kinky people <3

I do take requests, just PM me
PM me if you have suggestions towards what should happen...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Restrogenic 3 months ago Report

Wao, rare is it to find someone who holds talent in both writing and visual art. Looking forward to your future works!


Posted by TavTheBored26 11 months ago Report

Love your art

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