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$3 per piece or it can be discussed.

Will write about.

Anal Vore - Someone is vored into someone elses butt.

Unaware - One or more characters don't realise what's happening.

Butt things - Covers all things butt.

Unaware inanimate Transformation - Someone is transformed into an inanimate object while the person owning it doesn't know they're human.

Same size vore - Pred swallows same sized prey or prey that is at least a foot tall.

Scat - Poo

Oral Vore - Swallowing someone (Whole or not)

Cock Vore - Swallowing someone into their cock.

Unbirth - Someone being put into a womans privates.

Weight Gain - Obvious.

Transformation (Inanimate preferably) - Someone is transformed into something different.

Hard vore - Gore/ fatal vore (Doesn't have to be fatal and can be used for all vore...
[ Continued ... ]

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