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(Finished reading the rules...)

Nothing to do with real life...

There's plenty of cooking breasts.
But there could be possible scenarios of breast play and breast focus while cooking the whole body.

Tasting, licking, sucking the breast and nipples.
Basting and seasoning while doing the above mentioned.
Can even use a potion/liquid to turn the breast fat into muscles, like chicken breast (and savor them all the more~).

There~ Now you have another idea to imagine about.
Thanks for your time~

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Posted by Riraito 4 days ago Report

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Well, anythings possible, but in a world where everything has evolved not only to prey on humanity, but seemingly to deliver the maximum amount of mind-breaking agony to their victims too.. it's a place of nightmares, not sweet dreams.


Posted by Riraito 5 days ago Report

<< Reply To M0dern1zedEl1za

Perhaps someone could possibly die in their sleep. But odds are good that they'll die screaming in agony instead. (And those that end up living long lives... may end up wishing they'd died early)


Posted by ricemat 9 days ago Report

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by Cookingart 1 month ago Report

<< Reply To M0dern1zedEl1za

Yes, I do love to draw jiggly butts as the main dish. But you're right, I better draw some more breasts meat.

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