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Well, I keep posting the RP between myself and BatfinK16 because it always has some level of content and well our RP is well beyond what I have posted up.

But I digress, I am still open to commission even if they are short, as long as you give me a core of what happens I can build around that story.
But as you can tell I have on this site at least two lines of story that have to have a cap on them, but the problem is I have writer block on either or. So it may be some time before they have another chapter added. Not to count another account on Fanfiction that I need to closeout out two story lines as well. And I have the same problem there, writer block.

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Naughty Pokemon and their trainer

Trainer: Nick, Braixen: Braixa, Lucario: Lace

As Nick entered the next Gym final area he would smile a bit and just have his two closest pokemon with him. He looked to the Gym Leader there and would smile pulling his pokemon up and ready to be used. Odd there wasn’t a way to have more than six… and being his 5

(So a new chapter if I can get it done ><)

Love Knows No Bounds

Chapter 5: Rejuvenation

Thoughts… and dreams

was what were dancing in Rikku’s sight… He would have it start at home… the village he didn’t like… and at the moment in the dream that was what he had

(So I decided to get off my ass and make one for the team, or rather myself. More due to wanting more of these out. 1-3 was commissioned by me and


wrote them. Might try to make a few more chapters… something of a story if I can.)

Love Knows No Bounds


My alien bird dragon 1-4

I sigh a bit as there wasn’t much to do. I did however take up rubbing on her soft side and nuzzling into her white and black color… I did wonder what she had as far as anatomy. But I did stop myself from going to her pussy or into her mouth… or back entry as I didn’t want to go into any of them, not here with all the eyes on me.

I just cuddled next to her my only comfort here. I didn’t kn

Troubles of a dragon own 7-4


I wake up in the soft warmth, I smile and gently pet her walls as I wait for my loving dragon to wake up. I was in her womb just taking up comfort and love from her. This was so very intimate and there was not a problem with us doing this even on days between night and school. So I just remained in her for now.

Blue didn’t take long in wak

'So we are going without the special technology or Linda... well I will miss you Linda...' I say nuzzling her... Soz nuzzle her too but came back into my mouth and settled down enjoying my warmth...
"Well you can take her but there will be many questions about her and keeping her secret will be impossible on Berk... As such, Runa you have much power and you have a choice... you can take blue out of the time line and she will be replaced with another blu

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MMPluc's Blog - What I am doing now Posted 1 month ago

Yeah sorry, just gotten off the site a bit, still in the vore chat a bit, Though getting off that cause... life is passing by sadly. I know that we all have that. Not saying that MMPluc and his kink verse is going away but just saying that it might be a while before I get back here. And this is for old watchers and new watchers.

So simply I need a help though for you it might be free since you got a net connection at the least and a device to view this site with. As harsh as that might sound. It is what I have to say about this. I am trying to start up on Youtube. Not a vore channel since such would be demonetized even once it reached the subscriber and other limits.

So here is what I am asking since this is a place where teens and vore lovers are, and I am sure...
[ Continued ... ]

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