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Lacey yawned, the
sunlight kissing her face through the window. She looked down at her
stomach, wondering if anyone was in it. She didn't feel a tight
sensation near her rear, and when her stomach gurgled she assumed
not. She sighed, not sure whether to feel relieved or disappointed.
The hunger started
the night she spent camping with her first boyfriend. One moment they
were making out, and the next moment she was awake and crapped him
out. She was shocked when she saw the pieces of clothing an

Ms. Acre was
hungry. The little boy she had snatched up had been long digested,
leaving no noticeable impact on her stout form. She left his remains
at the stalls during her free second period, and she was only halfway
through fifth period English when her belly started groaning at her.
Lunch was coming up, and she could always lure a random student she
caught in the hall, or dine on one of her fellow temporary teachers.
Technically, she
wasn't temporary anymore. She liked her class do much she

Guilt of Bliss
11:00 p.m.. I lay on the cheap bed, staring at the intricate patterns
on the ceiling. Every bend, every crack, and every turn is a
distraction from the torturous thoughts that are sure to come every
night. The thoughts of the terrible things that I've done, all the
potential friends I've lost, all of the different ways my life could
have been normal, and all of the paths I took lurk at the back of my
mind, slowly creeping toward the surface of my conscience. They bleed

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Hey guys, sorry for the lack of content. I've been busy, and I haven't found a good way to continue Krii's story. So for a while I left it alone. During that time I realized that I don't want to continue her story.

At the time of her conception I was in a dark place, with a bleak frame around all my thoughts and ideas. The very first story I posted here set her up for sadness, but I began wishing for a happy end to her suffering, and wished more as my own negativity was lifted. Now I'm at a completely different point in my life, and want to write something different. I want to write something more than the suffering of one girl. So that is what I'm going to do.

I still plan to create a large story eventually. However, it will not be about Krii. She may exist within the world I create,...
[ Continued ... ]

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