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Danny’s hands were shaking with excitement as he carefully packed up his backpack and pulled his lucky baseball cap down over his brown curls. He had never been so excited for summer. He would be going into high school in the fall, and his older brother Kyle had asked him to come on a week-long camping trip with him.

Kyle was four years older than Danny, about to start college, and this was the first time in years that Danny could remember his brother

Brakeburn High #1

It was early afternoon at the Brakeburn Boarding School for Boys, and a few final teens were trailing into the Junior science lab just after the period bell signaled the start of class. The teacher, a tall young man the kids called Mr. K, watched carefully for the last student through the door.

The last two came in as a pair: one blond

Tony had been warned about playing with the meat before, he guessed this was just one time too many. Being ground into breakfast sausage might seem like a bit of an extreme reaction for sucking a little dick, but frankly, with the way ole Joe ran the kitchen, he was surprised he hadn’t come up on the chopping block earlier. Not that he was disappointed. He didn’t know any soldier who wasn’t jumping at a chance to get out of this desert, and being grilled, fried, or stewed up in


Sean set the bar back on the weight rack with a heavy sigh. It had been a good workout day. He knew most people in the campus gym, it was always a pretty tight-knit group, and closer than ever these days. Quite a few of his bros clapped him on the back or ass on his way to the locker room, complimenting him on his set. Sean was a marathon runner, so he wasn’t as big as some of the other regulars, but he held the record for most reps


It was dawn as two werewolves came bounding through the forest. One large and black furred, like the wolves of Germany, the other less than half his size and mottled brown, white, and yellow with the large round ears of the African Painted Wolf. Both in full canine form at the moment, the black wolf leaping through the trees in great bounds while the Painted Wolf came lightly running behind him, losing ground as he failed to keep up with

Bring Your Own Meat BBQ


Chaz had always loved the fundraiser BBQ his frat ran every summer, so getting chosen for Grillmaster was like the highlight of senior year. Just getting out to the park got him grinning. The smell of fresh grass and charcoal, sunshine on the lake, kids playing in the water, the whole frat showing off in their swimwear. It was

It was over a hundred degrees in Afghanistan and Private Jacob Stickley was laying on his cot in the barracks tent, one hand down the front of his standard-issue green boxers, hot, horny, and bored as all hell. Of course, just when he was starting to get somewhere, his Lieutenant pushed through the tent flap.

“Stickley, what the hell are you doing?”

“Nice one dude.”

That was Wyatt, Clay’s older brother and a college freshman, after Clay managed to knock his fighter off the screen in their game. He was spread out over one of the two hotel beds, only wearing the pair of sweatpants he had slept in. Clay was always jealous of his confidence. Clay, still in high school, had slept fully clothed, not liking to even take his shirt off in front of others. Currently, he was

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Its rare to found a merge story of brothers and i love to imagine what they look like withe their father adding himself to their body.

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