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Follies from the Falls: Chapter 4
Amenable Mina Makes Merry with Amorphous Matter
The Tar Pit
by MagicianX
Everyone had a theory.
Some said it was a trap. Michigan Falls High School, they insisted, was actually a secret, sinister cabal of shadowy doom-agents. This was only the most recent in a chain of schemes to exterminate the student body. When asked what the other schemes had been, dark aspersions were cast upon the nature of the cafeteria's Turkey Surprise.
According to the Science C

Slughorn’s Indulgence: Chapter 2
A Fanfic by MagicianX
The sounds of the school began to diminish into a general, background hum. Slughorn, as though following a preset path, went for a leisurely stomp along the edge of the lake. The sun was glinting off the water, and a cool breeze played across the wide, rolling lawns. It was a thoroughly wonderful day to be outside.
He glanced skyward as a sudden shadow flickered across his vision. Raising a hand to deflect the bright sun, he spotte

Slughorn’s Indulgence: Chapter 1
A Fanfic by MagicianX
At a quarter past ten, Horace Slughorn sat down to breakfast. It was lighter than his usual fair: eggs, bacon, doughnuts, a half-dozen slices of toast, and a mug of thick cocoa topped with whipped cream. Normally he would have also had a roast beef sandwich and some chips -- an old man deserved a few indulgences, after all -- but today was an exception to every normal rule. He wanted to be sure he kept up an appetite.
Beside the mu

Playing Games, by MagicianX
Chapter 4 of 4
"The party! -- STARTS! -- NOW!!!"
The song burst around them like a cloud of sparkling balloons. Masterful Mecha Acceleron was a fanfare, a tribute to the invincible robot's many exploits, but this was a celebration of all things colorful, romantic and sugar-coated. It was the melody of a dozen birthday parties being celebrated at once, just as Santa Clause arrived to dole out some leftover Christmas presents.
Beneath her jacket, Aly wore a simple,

Follies from the Falls: Chapter 3
A Dangerous Device Dispenses Destiny to the Desirous
The Blackmill Guillotine
by MagicianX
Her victim lay before her, helpless. The surface beneath it was clean, polished steel; the knife in her hand glittered, honed to a razor's edge.
A hand gripped her shoulder. "Remember the technique," said Carlson. "A single stroke downwards. And above all..."
"Don't cry," said Jasika. She adjusted her grip on the knife's handle. Fixing her eyes on the victim -- smal

Playing Games, by MagicianX
Chapter 3 of 4
Coils of blue-green ink curled across the paper in an ostentatious, self-satisfied way. Each corner bore an embossed triangle of gold, twinkling smugly above lines of overwrought copperplate text. It was the largest and most ornate document Sam had ever seen, and she couldn't blame MacDougal for keeping it tucked safely inside a leather sleeve.
"Takes weeks to get one of these beauties," he told her, smoothing the paper across a small table. "The Bu

Playing Games, by MagicianX
Chapter 2 of 4
"I've got a great idea. Since I hate the boardwalk, why don't you get Marlene, and I'll wait here?"
Sam, already out of the car, glanced back at Aly. "You love the boardwalk."
"Are you kidding? I can't stand this place!" Aly was still buckled in her seat, arms crossed, apparently content to remain there for the foreseeable future. "It's loud, it's crowded, it's overpriced, the rides suck, the midway is totally rigged, and all the food is either deep

Playing Games, by MagicianX
Chapter 1 of 4
Autumn passed in a vibrant swirl of red and orange. Fallen leaves spiraled around Michigan Falls for a flurry of crisp, delicious weeks before vanishing just as quickly into a warm winter. It happened so fast that Sam Foster was left reeling, wondering where the time had gone, anchored to reality only by her golden trophy and a fading memory of triumph.
She stood in front of the trophy, studying it for the countless time. There was no real point --

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Bento Lunch Part 1

By donutwish

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Necessities is my all-time favorite! The Hazards of Public School is also good.


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Are there going to be any new stories with Mrs. Glauss the witch?


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Wow, what a happy day, after such a long time, not only a new story, but a lot of stories. Something to look forward to each friday. Thank you very much!


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Thanks for the watch. Love your stories and hoping to see the conclusion of some of them soon!

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