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Hey guys! I'm just a simple writer, writing for everyone here. I enjoy writing vore, and mindless smut, but I also enjoy many other things.

But I'm here for the smut.

You can check out my dA account here!

If you like, feel free to buy me a coffee (that I assure you comes with many tiny peeps inside).

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How long had Yuta been running? Hours? It felt like hours, but he knew it had only been a few minutes. All these Monokuma boys chasing him around and trying to corner and block him. This game was predator and prey, as it had been for a while. Now, though, it was strange. Only boys were chasing him now, blocking his path and throwing themselves at him in battle. Ignoring it was best, worrying about the details wouldn't help...
 Find a way out.
 Colorful crates were piled on top of each

Noctis laid nude, sun-drying from his bath in the river. His skin soaked up the warmth, but did nothing to affect its pale tone.
"Ah this is nice." Stretching, yawning, Noctis was trying to resist the incredible urge to nap. They were all naked, but Noctis was the one most targeted for pranks because of his near narcoleptic cat naps.
Prompto and Ignis were still in the river. Ignis was actually focused on bathing, while Prompto was having fun, splashing

Another happy sigh escaped Jamie's lips as he fell back onto his bed. On his stomach sat his computer, whirring away as it lagged with an illegally downloaded copy of Adobe Illustrator. It was his only possession that really mattered. He had clothes and a few games, but he had been left with so little after being kicked out of so many apartments.
He was so glad when his brother offered his apartment as a place to stay. Being homeless wasn't a pleasant experience the past few ti

The Glow and the Cold of Winter
Thudding bass. Heart arranging drumkicks. The club was trembling with excitement, the air static with electricity of bodies grinding sloppily against one another. It hadn't been long since Boony's last visit to a club, but places he hadn't visited always had this new air about them. An unfamiliar scent that intrigued him, alongside a brimming crowd of people Boony didn't know.
They wanted to know him tho

The Cum Team
Boony stopped, mid-step, his eyes falling on the boys swim team. Incomplete since a certain unspeakable orgy incident, they were gearing up. Speedos slid up and over legs, travelling upwards before snugly sitting on balls, cocks, and asses. Some a little too snug, to Boony's eyes. Skin tight cloth claustrophobic on a horse's impressive equipment, and many ass clefts sucked up the fabric transforming the speedos into thongs, g-strings and other garments that couldn'

How I Always Get Away
I've never been exactly proud of myself.
Okay, that's a lie. I am damnably proud of myself.
I am a thief. Though, these days, I'd be called a lifter. A professional shoplifter. Definitely a better classification, but infinitely boring as a career title. I've recently became a it of an online pornography star as well. I'll tell you about this a little later on.

Pit was tossed aside like a ragdoll, the butt of Dark Pit's rifle
have delivered a brutal attack to his side.
Pit easily crossed the paved stones to his counterpart's side."
On your knees loser."
haven't gave-"
released a howl of intense pain as Dark Pit used his rifle as a melee
weapon once again, swinging the butt upwards as Pit tried to push
himself up. The blow forced Pit onto his back.
the butt of his rifle against Pi

Dark Pit was sent reeling across the temple's arena, hitting the
tiled floor with a defeated thud.
was victorious of this final fight. It was the fight who decided the
matter of who was better. Who was the greater half, and who would
become whole again afterwards. They had both agreed upon these
conditions, knowing that it couldn't honestly be like this forever.
Pit was trying to sit up, but was failing miserably. "I can't
believe..." He

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Wll lazy on the porn front at least. I'm sorry for not really writing anything peeps. Working on a novel is exhausting and burnout and shit. I should probably work on porn and fanfics and short stories for a while though. I promise like some mass upload in May or June if I don't get a job!

See you guys later. And remember, I'm alway open for commissions.

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