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Hey guys! I'm just a simple writer, writing for everyone here. I enjoy writing vore, and mindless smut, but I also enjoy many other things.

But I'm here for the smut.

You can check out my dA account here!

If you like, feel free to buy me a coffee (that I assure you comes with many tiny peeps inside).

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Noctis laid nude, sun-drying from his bath in the river. His skin soaked up the warmth, but did nothing to affect its pale tone.
"Ah this is nice." Stretching, yawning, Noctis was trying to resist the incredible urge to nap. They were all naked, but Noctis was the one most targeted for pranks because of his near narcoleptic cat naps.
Prompto and Ignis were still in the river. Ignis was actually focused on bathing, while Prompto was having fun, splashing

Another happy sigh escaped Jamie's lips as he fell back onto his bed. On his stomach sat his computer, whirring away as it lagged with an illegally downloaded copy of Adobe Illustrator. It was his only possession that really mattered. He had clothes and a few games, but he had been left with so little after being kicked out of so many apartments.
He was so glad when his brother offered his apartment as a place to stay. Being homeless wasn't a pleasant experience the past few ti

The Glow and the Cold of Winter
Thudding bass. Heart arranging drumkicks. The club was trembling with excitement, the air static with electricity of bodies grinding sloppily against one another. It hadn't been long since Boony's last visit to a club, but places he hadn't visited always had this new air about them. An unfamiliar scent that intrigued him, alongside a brimming crowd of people Boony didn't know.
They wanted to know him tho

The Cum Team
Boony stopped, mid-step, his eyes falling on the boys swim team. Incomplete since a certain unspeakable orgy incident, they were gearing up. Speedos slid up and over legs, travelling upwards before snugly sitting on balls, cocks, and asses. Some a little too snug, to Boony's eyes. Skin tight cloth claustrophobic on a horse's impressive equipment, and many ass clefts sucked up the fabric transforming the speedos into thongs, g-strings and other garments that couldn'

How I Always Get Away
I've never been exactly proud of myself.
Okay, that's a lie. I am damnably proud of myself.
I am a thief. Though, these days, I'd be called a lifter. A professional shoplifter. Definitely a better classification, but infinitely boring as a career title. I've recently became a it of an online pornography star as well. I'll tell you about this a little later on.

Legend of Link and His Master Cock
he managed to get himself lost. Despite his map, the forest was just
so unmanageably large, Link had still managed to lose his way. if he
had to make a guess, the map wasn't exact to scale.
within this forest was a treasure. Some rumored gift that gave you
something entirely priceless. That was the sole reason Link had
traveled into the forest in the first place. To seek out this
magnificent treasure.
he came upon it. This giant overgrown t

where are you taking me that serves the best ice cream at two-thirty
in the morning?" Kyle has raised a finely manicured eyebrow at
his friend. Night owls in the crowded city, they were.
actually." Mason stopped in front of cozy 50's styled diner.
Vertical blinds prevented Kyle from looking inside, but the
establishment itself wasn't that suspicious.
Place?" Kyle had read the decal over the window, and there was a
corresponding glo

Cumming Hood
was, once again, Tuesday. It was always Tuesday or Thursday. Dear
Azal’s good days were predictable. But now Rogue always waited for
a call or called his older brother himself now. While it sometimes
differed, Azal’s good days were normally Tuesday and Thursday.
had a debilitating lung disease that affected the entirety of his
respiratory system. While the disease hadn’t killed him, nor could
it, he was often confined to his bed. He refused any caretakers,

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So I figured I needed to update you guys on my life. Things happening you know and such.

I'm going to stop taking commissions. It takes me way too long.

Plus also... I'm going to publish a novel this year and I am like super pumped and focused on that. Not that I'm going to stop doing porn. I like porn. A lot. Gotta love some nice hungry cocks.

But I figured since I have this nonporn venture, I should focus on it, ya know?

So anyone who has commissions with me, I will write what I owe you, but you don't have to pay me.

Also, I may be getting an AO3 account for all my fandom underage vore porn. Not sure. I need somewhere to put it.But for now, I'll just write in mass and upload ew files to my inconspicuous items folder on my 4shared.

Also, expect an onslaught of penis in your inboxes...
[ Continued ... ]

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Yes I am doing much better, thanks for asking. ^^


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