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Hi. Not much to say. Just a guy who likes firearms (and other weapons as well), shooting, hunting, beer, metal, manga, video games, animes and vore. You can call me Mark if you want to even if it's not my actual name.

I can't draw so I only write.

My picture has actually been made by Oligan. Make sure to check him out. You might be interested in what he does.

This picture is supposed to represent me if you want to know. (The hair is just a bit overdone).

I do take commissions and requests. Check my commission status if you're interested.

My types of vore are....I couldn't count them all actually. But my favourites are breast vore, absorption, endosoma, unbirth, anal vore (when it's clean), non fatal and fatal (I like both).

Also, I want to say that I'm not a professionnal plus, English isn't my first language but I'll try my best.

Role-play isn't something I do a whole lot but I am always open for it. I prefer to be the prey.
Here are the things I won't accept though (and that I won't do in my stories by the way) :
-Gay/Male pred
Just send me a PM if you are interested.

I really like to talk to other people and I try to answer to any message/comment/shout I receive.

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Sweet blood :
This is a story about a virgin boy and a vampire.
Adam was 21 years old, healthy, intelligent but there was something which that made him depressed. He was a virgin. Despite trying to be gentle and kind with girls, none of them wanted of him. As such he never knew how it would be to love someone and to get laid. This hurt him. Why did the girls never got interested? Why was he the only one in his class to be alone? Was it a curse from a previous life? All of those question a

Anthro love in a nuked world:
Our hero looked on the wrecked landscape of the Wasteland. This world which was now his. This world he had to protect against because some douchebag had pushed on the wrong button.
The city he had walked through, once filled with live and activities was just ruins now.
The road which he was walking on was now cracked and covered with destroyed cars and the bones of their users who tried to run from the atomic fire.
The nature around all of this was now a patchwo

A tit in the woods:
In the French Alps, during a beautiful and quiet night. A small light suddenly appeared in the dark sky.
The said light fell through the sky at very high speed and brutally landed on a small spot in the middle of the woods and exploded, terrifying the animals in the area. Although everything was burnt in a 5 meters circle, the damages were not the ones you would expect from a standard meteorite.
In the center, a small organism which couldn’t completely be seen because

The human, the loli succubus and the pussy-girl:
Gregory (from the Pink walls story) was coming back home from high school. It was the great day. The day he returned to the Fantasy Hotel. For practicality, his appointment day was now the Friday. As he entered in his bedroom he immediately went on his computer and opened the application that the Fantasy hotel had send him. They do it after two or three visits. He already went about ten times by the way.
Over the visits he ended up liking Mar

I love you for your inside:
“Mmmmmhhh! That was great.” Maria thought. She was coming back from a great party with her friends. She had a lot of fun but it was time to get back home.
But as she was walking near an alley.
“What a tasty looking girl.” A feminine voice said.
Maria looked in the dark alley and saw a dark tall human-like shape.
“Hi. Can I help you for something?” Maria said timidly.
“Yes, you’ll help me. You’ll do it just nicely.” The dark human-like shape

The soldier and the slugs:
Alright so in this story I am talking about future and planet exploration. You know, alien, space marines, united space nations.
No of course not you are too ignorant and I am not sure you can even read so let me explain you.
So, human went out into space blablabla colonies, blablabla, form of life discovered blablabla
suddenly "Oh NO! Mean aliens appeared" blablabla Special army formed blabla *Clac (I DARE YOU TO SAY BLABLABLA AGAIN!)
Ok ok. So humans wen

The soldier

and the slugs:

Alright so in this story





future and planet exploration

. You know, alien,


Pink Walls :
To think that all of this started with a simple mail, just a small freaking weird mail Gregory could have ignored.
He was just like you and me, 20 years, 1m85 (6.07 feet), 81 kg (178,574 lb) with blond hair. (Well. More like me except for the name actually).
But one day. It all started when Gregory decided to make an anime night. As he was watching some weird boobs and schoolgirl filled anime. As he was watching it and eating some popcorn he prepared himself, his mail bell rang.

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I saw Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom yesterday....It sucks.

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