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No face. No name. No voice. A fragment of a mind hidden behind a frail mask.

I only exist here. Nowhere else. Only here i can show myself.

Have you come to talk or are you just passing by? Keep in mind that I love meeting new people.

The fact that you have read this, the fact that you have acknowledge my profile, makes my existence more valuable, i'm no longer only a fragment of the mind of my creator, but now i'm also a memory on yours. Thank you, friend.

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My flesh itches and burns but there is nothing here. I feel my ribcage shattered, i feel my heart pierced but i can't feel it bleeding. My thoughts are all i have and all i wish to get rid off. It's so painful, i must scream, but there is nothing to scream with. Am i here? Or am i just another ilusion... Please... I must be real... Please... Someone talk with me... Please...

*A skull lies on the sand*

Is anyone there!? ANYONE!?


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