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Hey there! PM me for my Discord if you want to chat.
My icon is by  SugaryGulp
Fantasize about whatever you want, but only have sex with consenting adults.
Also, don’t murder people.
Contact me on discord at Mastermiser8#7950. I love to chat and meet people who like my stories!

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Carter was in the bathroom when the intercom turned on. “All Residents please report to the gymnasium immediately.” It said, and then shut off with an electric click. Carter quickly washed his hands, and dashed out the bathroom door. He had to hurry. He was on the third floor, and the gymnasium was on the first. The elevator would be no use, everyone else on the third floor would be trying to cram into the only one. So the young satyr trotted down the stairs, wondering what everyone

“Remind me why we’re doing this again?” Ashleigh said, panting. The hellhound was a tough lady who could take care of herself, but this simple four-and-a-half mile walk was kicking her butt. She had gone on long walks in the past, but it had been a while since she had done that. Nowadays, the most exercise that she got came from getting dicked down by her mate. Ash could use a number of adjectives to describe herself (friendly, confident, smoking hot) but “slim” was

It was 4:45 in the afternoon. The slaves of Madison Wonderful’s House of Debauchery were hustling to and fro. The slaves of the morning shift were cleaning up their areas and heading to their chambers, and the slaves of the evening shift were preparing themselves for the night. Right now, the evening shift slaves were lined up in the main room, fully nude as always, with their shift leader Shortbread standing in front of them with a clipboard. Shortbread was a male corgi, small in stature

Ryan was a chocolate labrador. His brother Hal was a chocolate labrador. His mother Daphne was also a chocolate labrador. His stepfather Paul was a grey wolf. They were a very close family, who knew each other well. Ryan knew that his stepfather prefered listening to audiobooks over reading, and that he only read paper copies if the book had lots of made-up terms to learn. He knew his mother would always get in a bad mood if she didn’t get to do her crossword puzzle in the morning. He knew

Ashleigh loved her job as the nurse at Granary Middle School for a number of reasons. She loved being around children all day. Patching them up, examining their symptoms, giving candy to the ones that behaved, it was all unusually relaxing. Kids could also be surprisingly funny, or even deep and introspective at times. Plus, she hadn’t had to clean up any vomit so far. Her "work uniform" was a sexy nurse costume she had managed to re-purpose from last year's Halloween, which, to Ash's deli

“David, honey? Can you come here a second?” David looked over at his mother. The young impala set down his book and walked over to his mom. She brushed a hand through his hair. “You know… that you aren’t my first child, right?”
“Yeah, mom, I know.” David knew that his mom probably had had children before him, even though he had never met an older sibling. For one thing, his mom had the body of someone who had carried out multiple pregnancies. For

The door to Laurel’s Coffee Shop flew open as a large black stallion in workout gear clomped in out of the rain. Rhonda (the rabbit behind the counter) snapped to attention as the large predator approached her. A sign by the counter displayed a friendly warning, “Predation is allowed, but please don’t eat our staff,” alongside a cute drawing that Rhonda has done of a lion with a rat’s tail hanging out of its mouth. Still, Rhonda couldn’t help but feel a little

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Hey! I know I don’t have many followers, however, I wanna make a discord group chat for people who like my stories. If anyone is interested, please private message me!
This would be a small thing, where people will talk about the creative process and share content. I will ask for criticism on my rough drafts. If you want to meet people in the vore community, talk about writing, or if you just wanna see my stories before they’re released, then go ahead and let me know!
Hopefully I’ll see some of you there!

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Posted by Varu 4 weeks ago Report

Thank you very much for the watch! :)


Posted by Lewd 4 months ago Report

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Well, your latest commission piece was what sold me. The futa, the cv, the greedy uncaring nature of the preds, those were pretty good hooks for me so maybe more of that!


Posted by Biggulp 4 months ago Report

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No problem and I always enjoy a nice cockvore story.


Posted by saintheartwing 4 months ago Report

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Based on what you write, I'm pretty sure I'll be quite happy with WHATEVER you come up with. :)


Posted by TheRPKing 5 months ago Report

You should do a story that has scat in it.


Posted by Keldyobadgoat 6 months ago Report

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Don't be nervous about posting your stories, you are completely anonymous in the Internet and this website was made for people who share the same fetish like you and me.
My suggestions for future stories are:
-Keep anthro or human children being swallowed by older preds (in any way excluding gore)
-Don't make the stories take too long to reach the vore part or place, It's rare for lazy people to start stories insanely long and easy for average people to lose interest and move onto another thing
-If you can, use texts with colours, like characters lines/thoughts or narration, it's so appealing to the eyes
-This are some personal topics; make a story with Reformation implied, inocent prey, Child/Child or pred transforming prey into their kind via vore.


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Three cubs three holes three stories


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No problem stories like this are sort of a guilty pleasure of mine.


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no problem, good writing deserves a notice


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No problem. And I believe I found it via tag subscription.


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I'll drop a comment on it for you!

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