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Monique is birth in a normal countryside farm, not one of those intensive farms meant to raise meat cow, no it was a small farm with few animals. As like her mother, Monique was a milk cow, but she was a normal anthro cow, as well as breasts she was born with normal feral cow udders, you could imagine the face of her farmer, breasts+udders means double the milk and double the money. So to her mother and Monique was given a new separate stable with all the comfort that they could image. Years pass, Monique become old but she keeps producing milk, in the meantime, the farmer decided to make the bull breed her, in the hope to raise a full herd of cow like her, but this is another part of the story just know that the farmer manage to raise his herd. After tgave bitrh to many healthy calves Monique was leaves in peace, her milk production was slowly decrease so the farmr decide to let her rest for the rest of her life, maybe milking her not often, they keep going like this for a bit till Monique gaves out no more milk and calves. No one have no use for a useless cow so he decide to sell her to one of the many intensive meat farm. Monique passed the rest of her life on being fattened up only for meat purpouse, and she passed the rest of her life in fear on waiting the end of her days.

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