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Here at Melty Character Group, I believe lewd amusement is not only a perverted pass time but a rather interesting form of entertainment. Where most fetish artists attempt to get those “views” or rocking rocks, Melty Character Group believes that smut should serve a larger purpose, because great taste comes in many flavors. MeltyCG strives to create lewd stories and artwork with genuine content that not only stimulates nether regions but minds as well.

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I am looking forward to breaking in this bad boy as soon as I get my connector today. Its in the mail and junk. So I suppose I should post something new here too. It will be interesting to see how much my skill improves (or gets worse) on this thing. I suppose its a little more natural than what I am used to on a tablet. I can free hand draw far better than a tablet because I cant do long lines on a tablet but by hands I can. So smooth lines again woot.

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Posted by UnattainableSnack 8 months ago

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Not a problem. Keep up the good work!


Posted by CG22 9 months ago

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you are welcome.
I just realized that our names are linked

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Posted by Ramzitv1 9 months ago

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Posted by sn0riat 9 months ago

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Oooh i will! X3


Posted by komaru 9 months ago

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You're most welcome: Will do :3


Posted by zelphi 9 months ago

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welcome and i most certainly will ^w^


Posted by kaze10 9 months ago

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You're welcome, especially looking forward to things with Chugui


Posted by Death_Trance 9 months ago

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Thanks! That mouth caught my eye when I logged in. It looks so inviting. <3


Posted by LoneCatboy 9 months ago

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Any time, and I shall!


Posted by NazistDuck 9 months ago

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I sure will. :)


Posted by Volsar 9 months ago

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Good to know. I will certainly be keeping an eye on dem booties.

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Posted by Gelenor 9 months ago

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Thank you for the awesome art. I have not seen you around here before. Are you new?

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