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Beep the car sounded after Nick pressed the lock button on his keys.
Replacing the keys in his pocket Nick looked around the trailhead.
The were two paths, one marked lake, and the other hills. After his
eyes swiveled between his choices a few times, Nick started up the
path towards the hills. Last night had been the party for his
thirtieth birthday. Today was his actual birthday, but his family had
to hold it the night before due to prior obligations.
he had the day off, Nick had d

several excruciating seconds, Sam's lungs finally managed to inflate,
and he was left with an agonizing pain and the sound of someone
calling his name from a hundred miles away.
are you okay?” demanded Loba, who was nuzzling his cheek firmly.
up, Sam shook his head and was about to answer when he felt a burning
on his side. Fearing he was bleeding Sam jerked his shirt up and
glanced down expecting to see crimson. Instead, there just a long
fiery mark nestled between his r

stumbled on a fallen branch, the musty scent of moist earth invading
his nostrils as his face planted into the moist soil. For a moment he
lay motionless, head spinning, but fell back to reality upon hearing
the the pounding of his pursuers footfalls. Clawing at the frigid
soil Sam hauled himself to his feet and staggered on. Regaining
momentum he attempted to flee as noisily as possible, but the leaves
shattering under his feet made it impossible. When the shouts became
deafening like a as

threw another rock at a tree, which hit with a loud thwack leaving
scuffs in the bark. His sister Jane bent down, picking up a ladybug
on her index, before whispering to it. Ten seconds later when the
insect flew away towards the flowers, she waved calling after it.
miss bug have a safe trip home.”
up Jane dusted herself off and resumed to trot down the path, James
striding after her. It was later in the afternoon a few hours after
they had gotten out of school and

the 2020’s, human society was working steadily towards solving some
of its biggest issues. The civilization however after over three
thousands years of progression, would finally fall apart. Since the
nineteen eighties, US government scientists had been working on
evolving humans not by leaps or bounds but mile long jumps. Having
contemplated the best way to progress human evolution artificially,
they decided giving him the superior traits that other species
possessed in nature was the corr

gave his toy rock another kick sending it down a small incline till
it rolled to a stop. Turning his gaze upwards, he peered through the
tops of the trees at the sun which was midway to the horizon. Just a
few hours ago he was in the village orphanage sitting down in the
garden for lunch with the other children. Just before sister Mary had
scolded him for going through another nuns room. That had been the
final straw, and so when sister Mary was distracted herding the other
children into t

beat up subaru, trundled down the unleveled dirt road. The shocks
failed to work in the slightest, so the vehicle bounced up and down
like a rabbit on caffeine. As it turned right off the path, it came
to a clearing at the base of a small mountain. The vehicle rumbled to
a stop at a spot designated for cars by a pair a tree logs that had
been placed to outline the space. The hum of the engine slowly died
off, and the driver side door, swung open. Luke cast around at the
small cleared area th

great difficulty Rei raised himself out of his seat, by pushing off
the back of it, and jutting out his stomach as far as he could
arching his back. When back on his feet he stood up straight, well as
straight as was possible with the extra weight now forcing his spine
to curve somewhat. Grinning broadly Rei swayed a little as he
adjusted to his new lower center of gravity, and the strain of his
added weight hanging out in front of him. Taking both hands he
wrapped them on the under side of

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Hi, I'm testing out how responsive my watchers are when I do a blog post.
So this one I'm planing to write a story, using a pokemon as pred, I want you guys to tell me what pokemon you want to see devour some poor helpless soul? The suggestion I like the best will win, and the more one pokemon is suggested, the higher consideration it gets.
Just so you know kinds of preds I love are, Predatory mammals, dragons, powerful, and pokemon that slant towards looking female, these will get you bonus points.
So give me your suggestion, please? XD

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