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The sky was clear and bright with sunlight. The night before a foot of snow had been dumped upon the woods that surrounded the Asgard's house. Their two sons Billy and Mikey were having a snowball fight in the copse of trees behind the house. Though Mikey was younger, he had a much deadlier arm than his older brother. "Hey that's not fair", Billy complained having been hit directly in the face. "Too bad, stop being a baby," jeered Mikey as he rolled up another snowball. Billy's fa

There was a sputter, as a Range Rover came to a halt in front of the town hall. All four doors swung open and five people disembarked. Joan stretched, before gazing around at the quaint little town.  "Is this really worth spending the last few days of our vacation?" She moped as her boyfriend locked the car. "Why can't we just go back to London. There are lots of more things to do there." Her boyfriend Fred let out a sigh, before shooting her an exasperated look. "For the last tim

The cherry blossom trees swayed their branches in the spring breeze that was running through the small valley. Over a small hill a large tour bus rose into existence. The transport was filled with mostly American tourists say for a husky Australian couple sitting at the back. Sitting directly behind the driver was a young man. He had sandy hair, green eyes that were as brilliant as emeralds.  He sat in the front row staring out the window with a far away expression playing about his face.&

cast one last glance at the one called Barry as she nudged each of
the youngest ones in the back in turn and started herding then
towards the stairs. She wanted to make sure she could get them as far
away from the other two as possible to ensure that she would not be
bedroom would you like to sleep in?” she asked gently as they
reached the top of the stairs, both boy and girl swaying on their
sleep in my parent’s room because they have a big

was a cold night. The wind and snow, were blowing over the mountains
that blotted out the moon. Deep in the dense forest at the edge of a
small remote town, walked a wolf. It was not an ordinary one either.
It was massive and as large as a bear, though not nearly as bulky or
heavy. It had a it had thick coat, which was covered in mixes of
black, rusted, red, and brown. It stalked the trees that skirted the
edge of a large cultersack that sat on the outskirts of the town. As
it moved between t

minutes later, and five turns in, Danny found his sense of direction
thrown off. He had no idea which direction he wanted to head in, and
the walls were to tall for him to scale and get a bearing. As he
approached a sixth corner, he heard a familiar voice call out to him.
is that you?” he bellowed out into the entire room not sure what
direction the voice had originated from.
left me behind Danny, you are such a loser,” came Sally’s voice
from all directions at once

do you think those three losers got to,” Sally asked unconcernedly,
as she waved her phone around looking for service.
bet they ran home like pussies, wait until we tell everyone at school
tomorrow,” Danny jeered as he pitched a rock towards a window that
was still whole.
don’t know guys maybe we should look for them, we would get in so
much trouble if they got hurt.”
Danny and Sally, shoot incredulous looks at Lincoln, who floundered
under their gaze.

don’t think going to a condemned factory at midnight is a good
idea,” stammered Clark from behind his thick framed glasses.
for one agreed on that, as they climbed the fence with a big keep out
sign on it. For his part, he didn’t know what he was doing there.
He, Clark, and Anna, weren’t in the popular crowd. Anna was the
classic nerd, large lensed glasses, braces, and wearing her usual
shirt that read The Doctor for president. While Clark was the
stereotypical sheltered and

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Okay, so in my last blog every single reply wanted me to use my Tigertaur Cataurina, and I am going to go with that. However I'm having some trouble finding a base for the stor, and I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions.
So Here is here profile again
So the idea is some kind of Party for the holiday, where she can stuff herself with quite a few meals, till like immobility. This will have reformation even though it will not be shown on screen probably.
So my vague ideas for a setting so far is either at a house where where someone she knows is throwing the party or at her restaurant. There she could eat some prey of the menu and even a few of her employs. What anyone be interested in another pred being present and...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by anyonarex 2 months ago Report

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I hope so too. X3 I always like the way you characterise your preds, its very fun and compelling :o


Posted by anyonarex 2 months ago Report

your stories are so good man X3 deserves more attention for sure


Posted by dkrule 9 months ago Report

Ho cutie....someone from da called dkrule123 wpuld like to talk


Posted by Lawman 1 year ago Report

I absolutely adore your stories. Motherly, merciful but at the same time forcing themselves upon their prey believing that they know what's best hits me just right. That's also why stories about Lupanna are my absolute favorites. Always looking forward to reading more about her.


Posted by Artca9 1 year ago Report

♔Punished Artca9♔#2756 Hit me up on Discord again dude <3


Posted by MissFelidae 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch ~<3


Posted by smog1 1 year ago Report

thanks for the watch :D

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Posted by SkeletonGoat 1 year ago Report

Thank you for the Watch :3

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Posted by MirceaKitsune 2 years ago Report

Thank you for the watch!


Posted by Bradleymiddler 2 years ago Report

Man, your girlfriends art is so clean. I could just imagine being packed away in the pred's gut every time.

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