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Just your basic enigma of a christian furry with some mildly out there kinks. I prefer to write my stuff with emotional material, romantic things. Then add in smut to make it... better? I don't know, sex is an attractive thing. So is vore.

For other christians who might judge me for this, go read the song of solomon. Which is literally, bible porn. Godly smut. Who'd have thought.

And for others that say vore is an abomination, if you look in the bible at how man and woman should be together. Some of the descriptions seem like they could fit. One flesh and all that. Besides, as long as your married, and as long as your actions cause you to love each other more, I feel God is okay with it. So if your love and actions bring you closer to God, you're good.

Other than that, I don't mind talking to folks through PMs. Shoot me one if you feel inclined. :D

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bedroom was dark apart from the dim light that filtered from the
streetlamp outside the apartment window. It was a spartan living
space, but welcoming, homey. A dresser against the wall at the foot
of a soft mattress that could hold two people. A lamp in the corner
off to the left of the upper headboard. A bookshelf on the right of
it, holding an assortment of fiction and fantasy books and comics.
in the bed, two people. One a human male, his chest bare as he stared
at the ceiling. Hi

was a very kind and gentle soul with a minor streak of roguish charm,
and this was extremely new to him. Well, not exactly new, but at the
same time still new because the poor lad had only ever done anything
remotely lewd online. Fact was, he was about to meet a girl, in
person, that he’d met on one of those forums that exists in the
dark forbidding corners of the internet. Not just any girl though,
not in this unique world where human and animal shared the same
space. A good portion of

years. She could hardly believe it. Hannah stared at her left hand as
it hovered over her desk. The simple golden ring seemed almost to
glow to her. It was rather late, and the tall vixen was working late.
On their anniversary no less. She twitched her tail, and nearly
jumped when her second one followed suit. She laid down the pen she’d
forgotten she was holding in her right hand. Turned to face her rump,
and let herself feel gratitude for the fact that the kitsune blood in
her family ha

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