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I am not Nazist, nor am I a duck. You may understand that, you may not understand that, but no hating. Please.

I started to write a few years ago and I'm trying to improve. I'm german, so English isn't my mother tongue, and I enjoy good art and writing.
My name is Donald Christopher, and that's probably the most personal thing you'll know... Feel free to call me Don or Donny, I don't know.
Anyway, if you're here, just take a look around, uh, enjoy, I guess, and have fun.

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Joseph considered himself a normal person. The others did not.
A few years before he had received that sheet of paper, the sheet of paper that changed his life. All his existence, he was criticized by something he did not understand fully. Cruelty.
To be honest, Joseph did not understand any kind of… Emotion. He didn’t understand other people’s pain, happiness, sadness. His mother didn’t give THAT much attention to it. Being a young woman

1996, England
Sabelle Family Estate – Winter My
dear journal, Father arrived home beaten up as always. He
suffered a few robberies, but nothing serious. Mother received
him with her arms wide open, as always. Father always liked her arms
wide open, she liked to stuff his head on her breasts (I hope I have
breasts like that someday. Boys would just…) and cry. Not that she
cared too much. I am sure that Mother is trying to hide
something. In addition, I ‘m not sure if it is related or not to

offered her one more glass of wine, but Nicole politely refused.
Midnight struck in the zone and all prisoners and “guests”
refugees were either asleep or preparing to. Meanwhile, David and
Nicky sat down on one empty canteen. David took another bite of
his spaghetti, and Nicole did the same. Not bad for a warzone, she
thought. Maybe Elizabeth isn’t trying to poison us. For now. “A
penny for your thoughts, Mrs. Pearce.” David said without lifting
his eyes, and that was horrifying

Nicole thought to herself. Her whole body was exploding with
adrenaline and fear. She was trembling, sweating, and couldn’t
think straight. She could just watch as David carefully chose his
bullet and inserted it in the shotgun. “Thought you were in a
predator only crusade.” Jill said, turning to Elizabeth. Jill had
the same horror in her face as Nicole, but had the courage to speak.
“Let’s say I need experts from… Both sides of the field.”
She giggled. “And you bette

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So, what's up, everybody?
Decided it was about time to let you all be updated on my recent activities. So here we go.

First, my PC is not with me at the moment. My brilliant mind dipped so many coffee on it you could be awake for three years. Guess that's what I get for staying up late.
Why I'm telling you this? Because as most of you already know, I can't use a mobile to write or upload to Eka's. So anyone who's on the commission list, please wait a bit more.
Secondly, I'm going to say it again; I don't plan to continue the old PCF series. You want it to continue? Ask me for it, gimme some ideas to wrap it up and there you have it. But there won't, sadly, be a second season. I am now immersed in several conmissions, plus trying to upload A Dip in Wendy - Part 2 and Made in Heaven for...
[ Continued ... ]

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