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Hello. Came of the age that I met the requirements for this place. Some of you may know of me as Colorninja from DA or WP. I have not been very active on those sites, but I continue to write shorts stories and series. Most are F/m, some are ?/f, and very few are anything else.
I will post some of those previous works here after I have finished my current one.
I came to both put my stories up for the audience's enjoyment and for my enjoyment of vore, not enjoyment of lewd. I can put up with some, but... Everything in moderation, right?
I enjoy vore-themed RPGs. Another reason I came here.
I really should not be here, but here I am.
I try to keep my stories varied and do take suggestions for improvements or future stories.
Feel free to contact me, as I do enjoy a good chat. Especially speaking in-depth about things. Although I cannot give much time to this, as I have many other daytime pursuits to work on.

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“Ugh! Just stop fighting already!” Hanua stomped to her bedroom, threw off her bathrobe, and collapsed onto her bed on her back, covering her head with her pillow.
She’d drowned out the sound of her parents in their nightly argument with her shower for a while, but this time they were still at it when she came out. She wished she could go back in and continue running the water, but her parents strictly forbade it, due to some high water cost or other. And she couldn’t jus

(Written from the point of view of a piece of chocolate)
It was the big night. I’d overheard the family that bought the package I’d resided in say that this was what we were bought for.
I couldn’t see any of them, of course. But my hearing, despite the wrapper bound around me, had grown quite acute after being unable to see for most of my life.
If only I could speak. But no, like the rest of the candy I’d heard myself poured with, I was forced to be a blind observer to wh

I walked out to the lake. It was early in the evening, and the setting sun painted red and orange hues on the horizon. It looked like mini-fireworks were going off, bombarding the clouds with color.
It mattered little to me.
I was going to try it.
I took my small rowboat’s anchor and put it into the boat, then went out to where I knew from previous measurements that the lake was deep enough for it to be a habitat.
I anchored the boat, feeling my tiny vessel rock with the shift in weight.

It hadn’t been the best of days for me. Being a Neko, I had to eat meat, but it seemed like prey was really scarce today. It was only midday, but I’d always been able to get something by now, even if it was just a little mouse.
I was so distraught that I couldn’t do a thing but lay on my back while my stomach growled.
Until I heard some loud rustling.
My ears pricked up.
And so did my nose.
I sat up and looked down through the branches.
Down beneath my tree was a boy who looked

I jumped at the single word. Who had gotten into my dorm at this hour? I didn’t recognize that voice. I put the comic book down on the stack next to my bed. “Who’s there?” I asked.
The door opened the rest of the way. “You don’t recognize me? That’s a shame. I’m your biggest fan.” A girl stood before me. She was staring at me intently, like she expected me to do something, or maybe she was sizing me up.
I thought she looked

WOW! I’d actually won. I’d finally won something!
I’d always spent all my money on the lottery, every measly dollar earned by working at McDonald’s, and filling out surveys to be entered to win things online, and I’d finally won! It had all paid off for the envelope I held now, the one that announced in big bold letters, “YOU’VE WON!”
Now what had I won?
According to the envelope, I’d won an all-expenses-paid one way ticket to the mystery loc

You were getting off the school bus at your stop. Once you stepped off, you were nearly bowled over by the still, muggy air. You’d heard that it was supposed to be hot today, but this was ridiculous!
As you were walking home on the sidewalk, you had to take your shirt off, you were so hot! You were glad you’d worn light shorts, easy slip-ons, but even those were beginning to get overheated! It would be so much easier when you turned eighteen in another month and your parents couldn&r

I’ll be working the late shift tonight. Please take care of your sister and keep her occupied until I get home.
Love you~<3
I was dismayed to find the note scrawled in black ink on a post-it note, stuck to the front door of my house. I pulled it off and crumpled it in my palm. Babysitting my little eight-year-old sister was not on my list of things I’d like to do.
I opened the door and located my sister

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So yeah, I admit I have not been as active as I'd have liked to be here. I've had a whirlwind of life stuff on top of outside-of-work stuff on top of the already large amount of regular stuff. So I haven't work on the story (The Hybrid Incident) that I want to finish before I can reveal some all-new stories that have spoilers in them about THI.
So, therefore, because I felt bad about not being able to contribute anything for a while, and because I'll continue to be busy for some months, and to thank all the brave souls who are watching me when I haven't even begun uploading my best work, I wrote the following short story a month ago (and I just got the time to add it now):

(This is a true story that happened to me IRL, btw.)
My dog is big. She is stinky, big, and...
[ Continued ... ]

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Aah understandable but it's good that you're being a responsible grown up. But i hope i'll eventually make something you fancy.

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