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Hello there. (General Kenobi)
Cum for the vore, stay for the humor!

The stories here are a mix between story-focused and smut-focused tales. If you enjoy a variable mixture of the two, you're in the right place.

You'll find lots of Oral vore of the F/m and ?/f varieties mixed in with a decent bit of other things, usually same-size, and several monster girl stories.

Pretty inactive since starting college, losing my virginity, and becoming more of a sexy predator in the bedroom than a meek, shy prey.

You WON'T find CV nor AV here, and M/m and Macro/micro stuff are rare. I also don't like writing fanfics, but can take requests that involve characters similar to preexisting ones.

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The enormous plant bent as much as it could, which was still not a lot, plush plantlips slightly open, beckoning. I was now oblivious to the flowery aroma of the garden facility, focused only on the hand my arm extended towards that opening.
I knew it probably wasn’t ready. It was big enough to fit two creatures five times my size, one at a time, but still didn’t have the necessary suction power or appendages to deliver prey into that digestive chamber. But I brushed my fingers against the

“Good morning,” I said to the first hybrid up this morning. She was one of the lamias, we apparently had a lot of those in this lab compared to other labs. I gave her the daily pill for preventing genetic breakdown and thought to myself, how much easier will my routine be after Mrs. Predge’s lab makes a permanently stabilizing solution?
Although I had to admit, this was easier than having to finish high school and go to college before getting a job. Plus, I got to hang with man

She didn’t know why she kept running, but she knew she couldn’t stop.
“Shh—I see one now.”
Ivan held up a hand.
Kessie—his girlfriend, adventurous in more ways than one—froze in her tracks, peering through the underbrush.
While bunny-girls have many times less sensitive hearing than rabbits, Ivan recalled, they still have better than the average human. The ambient wildlife and dim light filtering through the trees helped the duo to be much more stealthy,

(Ten years earlier…)
“How are you, Miss Predge?”
The young woman waved at him. “Well enough. But don’t call me that. I’m head of the company now, remember, Caimjhan?”
The man by the name of Caimjhan bowed. “My apologies. I still haven’t gotten used to the… concept, I should say, in the few hours since your father passed.”
“See to it that you do… and on that topic, he’s nearly gone. I think I’d like anoth

Kate, a college freshman, relaxed in the park nearest her home with a gloriously engrossing mystery novel.
Out of the blue, a cat brushed against her leg, flicking its tail against her before meowing and brushing the other way. 
Startled by the interruption, Kate looked at the time and noticed the daylight waning. She recalled the recent news reports of high schoolers going missing at a surprising rate in the neighborhood. Now that she thought about it, she’s heard mention of the numb

Hidden Gluck
By NightRoller
“Aww, don’t cry—you just stepped in the wrong place at the wrong time.”
Jena cradled the cute little senior she’d caught walking around moments ago, stroking her head through the stomach membrane as she felt students and teachers walk on her, unaware of the mimic below. This was the third delicious victim to Jena’s mimicry of a sidewalk, nestled along the perimeter of the high school grounds.
Why a sidewalk? Jena prepared herself fo

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Well, y'all did it. You proved me wrong. I've been here on the site for only four, almost 5 years, and blew past the 100k mark before I realized it. I never expected a writing page like this to get this big, but you're quite voracious for this kinky prose.

Since another 8/8 is coming up, I'll post something here; two things to say:

1. I'm considering doing commissions, but the price depends on length. Keep in mind I can only work on one at a time, so while I'll honor people who I'm already discussing commissions with priority, I can presently only take 1 more commissioner. Reach out to me in DMs or in comments for further details on request. I don't know what the demand for this will be like; not on here super frequently any longer with more...
[ Continued ... ]

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Ty for watching! :)

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No Problem I loved it it when from Unwilling to Willing which made it even Sexier! <3 <3 <3


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Of course. it was amazing~


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You're welcome, it's a nice story


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it's is amazing, keep up the awesome work an have a perfectly epic day


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Posted by TheDragonBoy 6 months ago Report

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You're welcome :)
I don't read vore very often, but I have a couple of your stories on my (admittedly very long) list of potential stories to look at for when I'm in the mood.


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well thank you, and same to you! I really enjoyed it, so the fave is well deserved I think.


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ohhh okay ^^
I'll read through that


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No worries mate, and it is absolutely wonderful, hence the watch.


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Most welcome ^^

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