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Hello there. Some of you may know of me as Colorninja from DA or WP.
I put my stories up for your enjoyment, I write them in the first place for mine.
Suggestions for improvements or future stories are welcomed!
Enjoy what prose I have to offer as I slowly develop more.

I enjoy vore-themed RPGs. If you know any good ones, let me know!

Also, I've found some moderate success both here and IRL with offering free (thus limited to my free time) critiquing of grammar and/or editing the errors out. For those fledgling writers, I was you once and can see how vastly I've improved since I first began writing. I think it's cool to be able to see a glimpse of what your work could look like in the future.

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Pounding at the door.
I’d been left alone by my parents when they went on a business trip for the day, specifically instructing not to disturb them. They hadn’t told me we’d have any visitors. And we lived in the country, so unexpected visits were rare.
I crept like a ninja to the window, feeling like I had an important mission: to assess the danger to the house.
If they were a burglar or serial killer, I knew where our crowbar was in our garage. And I could easily drop it from

Andre was tired. He trudged back to the small building, barely raising his awareness sufficiently to make sure he wasn’t being followed by any dangerous monstergirls. He only gave a passing glance at a group of butterflygirls flitting about one of the large blooms of the forest, the kind of passive hybrid he had passed dozens of times without any sign of aggression. His thoughts were instead on one of his colleagues indoors, a certain Sarin who he had begun developing feelings towards. His

Frighteningly Enticing
A Frog’s Feminine Feast
In some ways this story is definitely good, in others I’m not so sure. I wanted a decent quality story that shows my experience, yet that I could write out quickly. Let me know what you think of it if you have a moment.
I wrote that description^^^ before I wrote more than the outline. I’m most of the way through as I append this to the description I’ll have, but it definitely is taking me more than a night or two to finish th

Formerly “I’m not dead!” on D.A.

“Come on already! When are you going to let me do it?!”

Thomas didn't turn his eyes from the TV screen in front of him to acknowledge her.

“You know it's the greatest euphoria you'll ever experience…” Yasha said persuasively, with a taunting lick for effect.

Thomas ignored the lamia, opting instead to focus his conc

“Ugh! Just stop fighting already!” Hanua stomped to her bedroom, threw off her bathrobe, and collapsed onto her bed on her back, covering her head with her pillow.
She’d drowned out the sound of her parents in their nightly argument with her shower for a while, but this time they were still at it when she came out. She wished she could go back in and continue running the water, but her parents strictly forbade it, due to some high water cost or other. And she couldn’t jus

(Written from the point of view of a piece of chocolate)
It was the big night. I’d overheard the family that bought the package I’d resided in say that this was what we were bought for.
I couldn’t see any of them, of course. But my hearing, despite the wrapper bound around me, had grown quite acute after being unable to see for most of my life.
If only I could speak. But no, like the rest of the candy I’d heard myself poured with, I was forced to be a blind observer to wh

I walked out to the lake. It was early in the evening, and the setting sun painted red and orange hues on the horizon. It looked like mini-fireworks were going off, bombarding the clouds with color.
It mattered little to me.
I was going to try it.
I took my small rowboat’s anchor and put it into the boat, then went out to where I knew from previous measurements that the lake was deep enough for it to be a habitat.
I anchored the boat, feeling my tiny vessel rock with the shift in weight.

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Yup, in case the title didn't fit it all, I plan to release a story (likely in two versions, because of two different endings; a short one, and a long one) soon and probably today.
It's an older one, one that I started and pretty much finished 4 years ago (but one that I wanted to put off until I finished a different story first, because that different story was planned to be referenced in this one... but I decided I didn't want to be holding it back just because of how another story that is in the same fictional world is on hold). The story IS kinda different from my current writing voice, but I'm reading through and removing the deceptive errors I didn't realize back then, so that's why I won't be adding it immediately. Basically, I'm saying it won't likely be as good in...
[ Continued ... ]

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Thanks for watching!


Posted by Emiliy 2 days ago Report

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Sorry i dont speak American very well.

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Posted by secretaya 2 days ago Report

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I'm not really good in japanese, only the basics and some of a bit complex, but really low, the other three languages i don't have any trouble in talking, chatting, etc. Fot the japanese and Italian, my two secundary languagues i use Duolingo and some books for help


Posted by Tenoctacle 2 days ago Report

Thanks for the faves


Posted by RespectableLoonitic 3 days ago Report

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My pleasure! They were very good reads! The frog one especially, I'm always a sucker for the unwilling-to-willing dynamic ^^b


Posted by secretaya 4 days ago Report

Thanks for the watch pally1


Posted by Cinnamonhydrangea 4 days ago Report

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Will do and that is right, I love sadistic preds. I especially enjoyed the desperate attempt to get away from the preds. Having a chase in vore is an underrated love of mine.

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Posted by TheVenusFlytrap 4 days ago Report

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Will do! :)


Posted by Tilalumtar 4 days ago Report

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Haha, no worries mate. I indeed drew my profile picture myself but I am nowhere near the point of uploading something and that's probably the best for all users here :P.
You write really nice stories though, keep it up! :3


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thanks! i'm glad people seem to like it, despite how wacky it is


Posted by Bunsen125 7 days ago Report

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Haha, working on filling out my page, gotta figure out what people actually put on these things first though XD. Also, I'll say it again, you do great work dude, your stories are great.


Posted by NightRoller 8 days ago Report

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*in, what an error

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