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Hello! ^^ My name is Haru~ I'm a Kantonian ninetales (female)!

My primary pred is my Lugia (male), but I enjoy drawing pokemon of all species and gender! Over time, I hope to fill out a gallery of a variety of different types of pokemon preds!

By the way, I also offer free vore-related art assets. No credit necessary, check my gallery for the folder for more info~

I also have a bat furry OC. Check her out, she's Sakura Noire, the vorebat. ^^

I don't always respond to comments (social anxiety)
but I read & appreciate all of them very much

I'm happy if you enjoy my art

I like both pokemon and human prey. I have a Ninetales OC (pred, female) and a human trainer OC (prey, female). I will post character sheets of my vore OCs soon. ^^

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A tall, slender white bat. Appears to be in her early 20's. Her slim body has a delicate appearance, giving off a sense of fragility. Her left eye is covered by a flower-shaped patch.

A-rank Energy Drain (requires direct contact)
C-rank Energy Siphon (1 metre)

Hidden ability: Devour (S-rank)
Able to consume others and make them a part of herself forever, including memories and abilities; prey is resurrected as a familiar. She's yet to feed, however.

Highly selective pred (>ω✿)

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Of course! I'm happy to hear that <3 That's really why I love to comment on things! Hope to see more soon~

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