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Really, I understand if you love my creations and I appreciate your love for them, heck I'm amazed some people go through the lengths of almost creating a near-accurate biography of the character sort of like a wiki.

But isnt it more fulfilling when you make your own? It gives you more creative freedom and flexibility with your own RP scenarios and possibilities.

You'll have less of a hassle when someone has an issue with a profile you probably spent ages setting up with nearly every single picture of the character.

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Posted by Callen 4 months ago Report

I'd love for you to join my discord channel vore palace all vore is welcome and if you would like to bring friends feel free


Posted by Yeeereee3205 5 months ago Report

You NEED tho make more art with lynn


Posted by delete8234b 5 months ago Report

How on earth do you come up with such strange, yet interesting and amusing, ideas?! I'm creative, but certainly nowhere near as creative as you!

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Posted by Raydavidson 5 months ago Report

Hey man i like your your new look on your profile your style kinda reminds me of old fashioned mario games like super mario 64


Posted by javitinkfizz 6 months ago Report

what happened to Alyss ? haven't seen the char in awhile


Posted by JamKat 6 months ago Report

Happy New Years!


Posted by JamKat 6 months ago Report

Merry Christmas!


Posted by Turbotowns 8 months ago Report

Where can we find your new avatar? It looks like "Amiette"(Ami Dixie under the effects of the Super Crown). Or have you just not uploaded it yet?


Posted by boomerangfish 9 months ago Report

There was a really old flash of Vincent that you made YEARS ago, is that still around somewhere?


Posted by seducingangel 9 months ago Report

<< Reply To Nitro_Titan

That's fine, I'm just glad to know they're still around. I just don't like good characters going to complete waste is all, always strikes a nerve in me when someone wastes the potential of the characters. Any chance you've got a tumblr or something out there where you post them?


Posted by Velvetybunny 10 months ago Report

I wish I could commission you but I'm too poor :Þ


Posted by StankyTree 10 months ago Report


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