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Hello! Thank you for taking the time to look at my profile. I am a novice writer and trained programmer.

(Last updated 22nd of August 2022)

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 Sam woke up with sunlight bleeding through the curtains and illuminating the room. They yawned quietly and stretched out their arms and legs bathing in the reddish orange light of sunrise. Letting their limbs relax Sam opens their eyes and sleepily rolls onto their back. They feel the added heft to their belly as they shift and look down at the lump under the covers. After a few moments of confusion they rub their eyes recalling the events of the previous night and let out a quiet groan. S

 Jackie is slowly awoken by a tingling on the back of their neck. They let out a quiet yawn and groggily open their eyes. The room is dark but the moonlight shines softly through the curtains allowing them to see the darkened shapes of the furniture. They can feel the soft bed beneath them. The blankets and sheets are wrapped warmly around their body and Sam’s arms are wrapped around Jackie’s waist. Sam is sleeping with their torso pressed against Jackie’s back and resting their legs

Sam is awoken by the morning sun lighting up the room through the curtains. They let out a quiet yawn as they wake up and sleepily open their eyes. They feel Jackie’s arms wrapped warmly around their waist. Sam softly rubs Jackie’s arms smiling as they think about Jackie holding them like a teddy bear the entire night. Sam softly giggles and turns their head to look up at the ceiling. They feel a soft tug on the tip of their ear as they move and then the air cooling off their saliva cover

Sam slowly rapped their pencil against the table while biting their lower lip. Sam had been studying calculus for the past six hours with their energy wearing thin. They sighed and looked longingly out the window. The sunlight was pouring into the apartment on the lovely spring day. The flowers in the park had begun to bloom, there was barely a cloud in the sky, and the air was comfortably cool. Turning back to the pile of notes and review questions Sam’s face darkened as they thought of th

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The next section is a mess at the moment I am going to need to rewrite a lot of it. Also due to life events I am going to have even less time to work on this.

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