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boy sat slumped at his computer desk, half watching the YouTube video
playing on its screen and half drifting his fingers down instagram.
He sighed quietly. He was 20 years old and living with his parents
after he and his girlfriend had broken up. She'd taken everything he
cared about from him and his heart was completely broken.
knock on the door snapped him out of his daze and he looked up as the
door gently creaked open to reveal the gorgeous face of a young woman
peering in with a symp

Sarah sat at home rapping her knuckles nervously against the desk she sat at. She'd been sitting there since her husband, Mark, had left for work that morning. "Stupid postman. Hurry up won't you?". She planned on surprising her husband with a new piece of technology she'd ordered online designed for increasing their chances of pregnancy. They'd been trying for months without any luck and she was afraid Mark was beginning to lose hope. Finally at last! The doorbell rung loudly through

Mike's wife burst through the bedroom door with a syringe. "Mikey, baby, I've done it!" she cried out in glee. Mike rolled over and checked his alarm clock. 1.48am. "C'mon sweetie, it's nearly two and we both have to be up early. Have you been down in the lab all this time? " he groaned. Kate jumped up into bed, her slender frame straddling his hips. "You don't understand! I've done it! The fountain of youth! Being young forever! All of the test mice regressed perfectly

Paul walked through his home’s front
door and sighed. It'd been a long day at work and all he wanted was
a nice warm shower and to slump into bed with his wife.They'd been
trying for a baby for months but tonight he didn't have the energy
and was very tired of disappointment. He slipped his clothes off on
the way to the bathroom and stopped by the closed door of his
bedroom. He could hear a rhythmic chanting from the other side of
the door… One of which, he was sure was his wife. The othe

“Should I put it on?” said May.
She held out her latest purchase, very tight, stretchy, shiny gold
panties. Mike looked at her with a smile, “go on, they're only
“It's just that they came with a
warning and some instructions. I've never bought underwear with a
warning before” she sighed. May read the look of confusion on
Mike's face and so dug around in the bottom of her shopping bag for
the instructions. She cleared her throat, “ahem. ‘A.R.U.B.
trademark wou

young couple excitedly made their way into the bedroom and pulled out
a box they'd bought from a bric-a-brac store earlier that day.  It
looked quite old and worn although it was small,  it had an
unbelievably intricate carving in the wooden lid depicting a pregnant
woman with an abnormally sized belly.  The storekeeper who'd
sold it too them was a strange elderly woman who'd told them about
the magical items it contained and how to use them, and although they
would disappear on

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