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I'm a writer who likes to vent his creative frustrations in the form of shameless fetish fantasies. I dabble in many different genres, but you'll find most of my stories filled with sexual content and predominantly female preds, with an emphasis on characterization. I'm also incredibly insecure about my writing abilities, so please comment if you like one of my stories!

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The Princess and the Dragon



Castle loomed atop a high hill, its decrepit towers casting a long shadow over the valley below. It had once been a vital outpost, overlooking the border between the kingdom and its neighbouring enemy in anticipation of an invasion, weathering the swords and arrows of



The university lecture hall was filled with the typical din of young adults chatting, right up until Professor Beckett strode in through the doors and took her place at the front. This was partially out of respect the students held for her and their interest in the subject she taught, but for a certain portion of those seat the

Trust Nothing


“Doesn’t anyone else find this a little suspicious?”


Milla’s question cast a silence over the group, the steadying dripping of water from the

Horror at Bikini Beach


It was a hot summer day at the beach, and with it came plenty of hot, swimsuit-clad babes looking to spend the afternoon having some bright, bouncy fun and look good doing it. There were quite a few gorgeous gals on the beach that day – strangely enough, only women between those tender ages of 18 to 30 years o

Tiger Mom


It was the last year of high school, and summer was less than a month away. Jake was all set to head off to university, but before that he had one last summer vacation in his home town, and he was perfectly happy to have no plans at all. He envisioned spending this summer just like he was spending this weekend, playing videogame


Chronicles 3: The Girl


The Gut




It might have been the dead of night,

Private Show


The club was packed that night, dozens of eager, somewhat drunken patrons crowding around the centre stage. Two dancers, one brunette and one blonde, both fairly eye-catching in their skimpy bikinis, entwined their bodies around their poles, running their flesh provocatively against the cool metal. The patrons cheered, and so

Super Android Emi-



The kaiju appeared as suddenly as a bolt of lightning, each footstep like a crash of thunder as it crawled out of Tokyo Bay. A large, distant relative of ancient dinosaurs, with four horns sprouting from its reptilian head. It let out a mighty bellow, then swatted its long tail acro

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