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I'm a writer who likes to vent his creative frustrations in the form of shameless fetish fantasies. I dabble in many different genres, but you'll find most of my stories filled with sexual content and predominantly female preds, with an emphasis on characterization. I'm also incredibly insecure about my writing abilities, so please comment if you like one of my stories!

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Riley the Ravenous

Part III

The Nymph

“Do you hear singing?”



The Labyrinth

The waves knocked relentlessly against the boat, coming again and again, never letting up. They weren’t particularly strong waves, not the kind that that could capsize a vessel or pull a decent swimmer under, but the boat was on that edge between small and medium that meant that every wave made it rock just a little too forcefully, and they would. Not. Stop. The ceaseless mov

Riley the Ravenous

Part II

The Inn

There was a lot of work to do before Ben was ready to leave the farm, but the hardest part by far was saying goodbye. His mother, Clara, had been understandably shocked when he’d told her his plans to set out on the road

Riley the Ravenous

Part I

The Test

Living on a farm could be a lot of work, but it wasn’t necessarily hard work. Live that life long enough and you started to work things out, figure out how to perform tasks like feeding the animals, milking the cows, and tending the fields

Commitment Issue

Part 1

Age: 18

The word around school was that Caroline Keene was a blowjob machine, and if her performance that night was any indication, boy was she ever. Her brown pigtails b


Snack Secret

As a rule, Becky hated parties, especially parties where she didn’t know anyone

which was most of them. Meeting new people was a great source of stress for her, and getting them to like her seemed like a wistful fantasy. Add to that the pounding music that

Stress Eating

Part 1: Kevin

The party was bigger than Becky had been led to believe. She’d been invited by a casual acquaintance, who had described it as ‘a small get-together at a friend’s apartment’ with ‘maybe like a dozen people’. Turns out the apartment w

Office Politics

“Hey, hot stuff, you hear the news?”


Mark was in the process of locking his car door when Erika’s shout gave him a start, nearly making him drop the briefcase and hot coffee he was haphazardly gripping in the crook of his arm. He turned around slo

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