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I'm a writer who likes to vent his creative frustrations in the form of shameless fetish fantasies. I dabble in many different genres, but you'll find most of my stories filled with sexual content and predominantly female preds, with an emphasis on characterization. I'm also incredibly insecure about my writing abilities, so please comment if you like one of my stories!

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The Princess’ Challenge


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful Princess, with


beautiful golden hair


blue eyes. She was an energetic and lively girl, beloved by all across the land, and ma

Containing the Cult

Although he’d always thought of himself as a man of godlike looks and ability, Emperor Fredrick


had never given much thought to religious matters


paying little attention to the names his partners shouted as he relentlessly hu

New Guests


“So, what’s this place’s story?” Ken asked.


Ron gave one of his trademark crooked smiles, the kind he only busted out when he wasn’t being

Catching Up


It happened so fast: one moment, Ralph was standing in an excruciatingly long line at a sandwich place, the next, he was engulfed in hot, wet darkness and felt himself being lifted off the ground. His body had been squeezed halfway down a narrow, pulsating passage by the time he realized he was being swallowed, and by then the

Riley the Ravenous

Part XI



How long had it been? Days at least, maybe weeks. Without l

A Loyal Maid


There was so much to do that afternoon. The floors needed to be swept and scrubbed, the bannisters wiped down, the silverware polished, a

long with

many other tasks around the manor. The lord employed several servants

DAW: Finale

Scene: The cockpit of


Mimi Mk. II, a small dark chamber with many blinking lights and several large screens. Emergency Earth Protection Force commander


Mizuno sits in a chair at the centre of the chamber. She is a Japanese woman with lon

DAW: Rebirth of


Scene: An ancient temple on the island of


, far out in the Pacific Ocean. The place is abandoned, but there are signs of recent activity, the walls scratched and the pillars damaged. A man and a woman, Adam and Laura, enter the temple cautiously. Adam is a handsome m

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