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Stories written and images drawn by Nyx (female) and Nox (male) about Unbirth, Vore, and more!

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[Part 5 / 7]: Awakening -
By Nox
following morning, Lily woke soon after the sun’s rays filled the
apartment she shared with Zach. She felt very content after the
previous night; Zach had satisfied her both in reality and in a dream
where she had pressed his shrunken body into her vagina. Now that she
was sure she was awake, she was quite surprised to see that Zach
wasn’t asleep next to her, and even more surprised that she could
still feel something inside her, but… was it act

[Part 4 / 7]: Fulfilling her Fantasy -
By Nox
had fallen asleep trying to make sense of the peculiar feelings she
had surrounding her conversation with Zach about unbirth. She
couldn’t imagine why any man would want to be completely inside a
woman’s vagina... at her mercy... pleasing her from within… with
their whole body. Lily couldn’t believe the thoughts she was
entertaining. They seemed perverse and she felt ashamed. Yet her mind
kept drifting back to thoughts of unbirth

[Part 3 / 7]: Internal Difficulties -
By Nox
the great feeling of satisfaction subsided, Zach suddenly felt at a
loss. What exactly was he going to do now that he was buried inside
of his sleeping girlfriend’s body? Masturbate? He felt badly enough
about crawling inside of her without her knowledge or consent. What
did he really want? All he could think about was burying himself
inside of Lily’s vagina; he hadn’t stopped to think what he would
do once he was there. The occasi

[Part 2 / 7]: Unaware
- By Nox
was evening by the time Lily set the book down. Zach wasn’t even
sure if their conversation about unbirth still echoed in her mind, or
if it was just a passing curiosity. It didn’t come up during their
intimate moments that night, or during the following pillow-talk.
Lily began to doze off, and Zach reached over and flicked off the
light on his night-stand. He wasn’t about to try and dredge up the
subject of unbirth when it seemed so revolting to L

[Part 1 / 7]: Introduction
- By Nox
eyes traced the supine form of his girlfriend, asleep next to him.
Lily was the most beautiful girl he had ever met. In the years they
had been dating, they had swapped many stories, and many secrets.
Zach had shared nearly everything with her. Everything except one
tiny detail; a detail about how tiny he could make himself, and how
badly he wanted to bury himself in her body.
lay back on the bed and tried to put the thought out of his mi

- By Nox
glared at the back of Lomire’s head as she marched him down the
prison hallway while a dwarven guard led the way. The prisoner was an
elf, like her, and she always believed that others of her species
ought to know better, or at least be clever enough not to get caught.
Now it was her responsibility to hand over Lomire to the imprisoned
giantess to be executed. Given how little Lomire struggled against
his chains, she suspected he wasn’t aware of his impending fate.

Request for vampirkacz
crept over the landscape, ushering away the harsh sunlight. Lunette
kept the wide brim of her hat low until the final tendrils of
sunlight retreated from the world. She was overdue for a meal; she
must feed tonight.
sniffed at the air, her nose more keenly tuned to the scent of a
man’s blood than any hound. A sweet scent caught her attention and
made her heart race with excitement. Unless she was very much
mistaken, it was the scent of

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Nox: Every day for the next week, (starting today) I'll be writing and posting one part of my newest short story as voted on in the Next up from Nox #2 Poll.
The story, "Ashamed" is about a young man named Zach who is struggling to tell his girlfriend about his interest in Unbirth and his ability to shrink. It was the 2nd most popular story request following "Imprisoned Part 2", which is already up.
Hopefully you enjoy this experiment into Daily Updates, and enjoy the story!

Happy Valentines Day!

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Well, more drawing and more shading, but I'm just a some one


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