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Because little boys also deserves to be cute ! <3

Hello everyones ! ^^

I'm Oligan. In real life, I'm just an asexual and silly goof who likes to draw his various fetishes online and share it to other people who enjoy the same things I likes.
I do likes lolis, shotas, and several kinds of vore.
If you want to chat with me, don't hesitate ! It would be a pleasure and it's always nice to meet people who shares the sames interest as me ! :)

Also, I like to use the blog section to shitpost and share sum steamed mememe. So if you want to see them, you can watch me ! :3

Peace and love for everyone ! <3
These peoples are awesome:  saoyuuki  rika  LoveShu122 !
And yeah, this is the hall of fame of my friends ! :D

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Hi !
I finally found a live streaming apps !

I don't know how it work, so if you want to come and see me drawing, you can come there ! If there's any problem, say it to the chat or in the comment, and I'll try to fix it !
https://sketch.pixiv.net/@user_pkxv4872 ... 4201657272

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Posted by jaime 4 days ago

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ya ^^ i didn't fav any of your stuff because when i first found you i didn't remember i had an account here so i was just lurking and then when i *did* remember i had an account well you already had so much stuff i just didn't want to spam you with favs! but, i think, i am gonna fix that now, cuz i want yer cute boi on my page '3'

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Posted by jaime 4 days ago

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*passes out on the floor*

tysm, i hope i can improve a lot! louka is a total cutie and my #1 inspiration for coming back to drawing vore with cute boys ^u^

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Posted by tigercloud 1 month ago

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Thank you so much >w0

I hope you like size-difference as well, thats usually the only stuff I do >.< I just made an exception for a friend, thats why I also have 1 same-size image^^

But you are right it's really important to draw stuff you like, then the result is the best^w^

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Posted by tigercloud 1 month ago

Man, your art-style is super cute <3 But you don't do size-difference stuff xP

Anyway, thank you so much for the Watch *hug*

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Posted by dkrule 1 month ago

Hay, just found you and like your work, so don't say thx for wacth' but thanks for being alive, and btw can you check the PM


Posted by Anchors 2 months ago

Thank you for the Watch <3


Posted by nnickerson100 2 months ago

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Posted by casdan3243 2 months ago

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You are welcome! :)


Posted by Modern45 2 months ago

Thanks for the fave, glad you liked it :3


Posted by PopeeTheClown 2 months ago

:00 thanks for the fave! i love your art omg


Posted by Malezor 2 months ago

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Thanks! :3


Posted by Malezor 3 months ago

Thanks for the watch! :D

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