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“There’s just no way. NO WAY” The man practically shouts the last as he crosses the threshold to their room.
“And I’m telling you, with my magic, anything is possible. And with my magic, this is easy.” Said a voice following just behind him.
“You’re half my height and a fraction of my weight.” He said gesturing to the diminutive avian. “How and, more importantly, why would you even want to try this?”
“Well, again, it’s magic and two, it’s pretty damn hot, y

It had been a long time of peace for as long as many had known on the Titan Gormott. Beast attacks were few and far between, and what harm done was easily mended. Drivers and their blades are sometimes seen making their way to adventure on the back of this Titan, while others use their time to stop and take in the wondrous sights and vistas this Titan has to offer. Just as one Blade in particular was watching the world around her, forgetting for a time

The first day of class and she was already late. It wasn't her fault that living on a space station made for weird sleep cycles. Like, how is someone supposed to wake up in the morning if there isn’t even a morning to wake up to? But that was a poor excuse for Lilly who had already been living on the station for over a month and she knew that she should have already adjusted to the changes by now like her boyfriend Sam. He had taken to the change like a fish to water and was already zip

With the fall of Calamity Ganon came the rebirth of Hyrule. The peoples, once lost and scattered, began to reclaim their blessed lands, rebuilding their towns and cities, and establishing trade and communication between them. Many people flocked at the chance to explore the lost lands for their own reasons; some for wealth, other adventure, and some for the simple act of starting a new peaceful life out on the frontier edges of Hyrule.

With a groan and a cough, Gretta rolled on her bed into a sitting position. Her head throbbed with the echoes of last night’s partying; Winter celebrations in the artic circle were always a big deal, especially for everyone at the Vanitide research station. It was one of the few times a year they got to break the monotony and go south to town for fun and stress relief before true winter more or less cut them off from the rest of the world. Sure, Gretta tended to overdo the destressing p

A frigid wind blew down from Mt.


and across the Rabia plains as four travelers made their way through the tall grass.  Their coats and thick cloaks shielded them from the worst of the frosted winds that sprinkled flecks of snow upon them, but the piercing cold still chilled them deeply.  Rosia the


fared the best amongst them with her thick

They had carefully chosen one another.  Long, unsubtle looks across the tavern’s open room.  Impossible to miss if anyone were to pay attention. Everyone else’s attention was locked on their own prospects within the tavern.  From the slender dancer on stage to the lusty hum of music from the band or the beer and spirits that flowed freely to paying tankards, there was plenty for the patrons to embrace.  The


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