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I'm a person who writes stuff sometimes. Check out my interestingly arranged words and tell me why they suck!
I like to mix things up, and every piece is wildly disparate from the next! Is it going to be a cute fluffy fic or gory body horror? I don't even know! But more often than not you can expect to see roughly samesize roughly human preds/prey of either gender, with lots of niche extras. Or not.

If something strikes a chord with you, leave a comment if you'd like to see more!

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"What the hell do you think you're doing?" the overseer snapped. Leo had just spilled a tray of iced teas trying to walk through a countertop."This is why I hate you overgrown roombas. The moment you things go out of vogue it'll be the scrap heap for the lot of you."Nyans and Zeros had been doing disgustingly good business, quickly becoming one of the most popular theme cafes in the entire city. "Cyber cafes" have been raking in money since that supreme court case let Mechanomics start selling t

The guard heard only the slightest whisper of metal against leather before he felt the edge of the blade pressed gently against his throat."Call out and I slit your throat" the Assassin whispered in his ear. "How many guards?"The guard was clearly struggling to stay so still."Speak up or bleed out.""None." It was half a whisper, half a wheeze. The air burned the small cut the knife made as speaking moved his neck."Not one guard for the Royal heir?" The Assassin whispered on disbelief.The guard g

You’ve been suckered in to helping a friend move with the promise of “free” booze and pizza. It wouldn’t be the first time this particular friend of yours had taken advantage of your better nature, but unfortunately you’re a terrible judge of character and by the time you arrive, your friend hasn’t even started to pack, let alone actually be there themself to greet you. You’d let yourself in, thinking your freeloader friend would be back any time now, and try to find somewhere to s

Online meetups were more than a little dangerous for someone of Sarah’s frame of mind and body. A few companies had tried to make ‘safe’ meetup apps and sites, but as most news stations were reporting weekly, their success rate was far from perfect. So, she turned to Margarita’s. It was very well known in the surrounding area, having beat out it’s competition by doing what it did the best. The owner made sure that Margarita’s stayed the most popular bar of it’s type by making sure

“Hey guys, whats? Up? I’m Blake and welcome back to the channel. I know I’m not usually the one in front of the camera, but there’s only two of us available right now, what with one thing and another, and talons are better than hooves for working a tripod. Plus, Kaylee wants to keep her wings.”A voice from behind the camera, less easily picked up by the directional microphone chimed in: “Damn straight!” A sound like a dozen feather dusters being ruffled followed the interjection.Th

[You’ve spent a lazy afternoon mindlessly browsing videos, and The Algorithm is starting to fail you. You’ve caught up with that ant farm guy and his worsening god complex, watched some faceless person masterfully restore some old farm equipment, a couple of classic cartoons re-compiled into some kind of experimental music, and now all the website is throwing up is lore explanations for a movie series you hate and a couple of “unboxings” of random garbage some trendy startup cobbled toge

[Quick word of warning, you might want to read the tags/description if you haven't already- There's a MAJOR tonal shift from part one]
It was early in the morning when James opened his eyes. He stretched, and felt something move strangely in his stomach. Who did he eat last ni-
“Nat?” he squeaked.
“So, you’re finally awake big guy.” Her voice was weak. “I’m sorry to say this, but I don’t feel so good.”
James was to his fee

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