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I'm a person who writes stuff sometimes. Check out my interestingly arranged words and tell me why they suck!
I like to mix things up, and every piece is wildly disparate from the next! Is it going to be a cute fluffy fic or gory body horror? I don't even know! But more often than not you can expect to see roughly samesize roughly human preds/prey of either gender, with lots of niche extras trending towards doing mean things to preds. That said, I've done stories with all of those subverted.

If something strikes a chord with you, leave a comment if you'd like to see more!

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[You’ve spent a lazy afternoon mindlessly browsing videos, and The Algorithm is starting to fail you. You’ve caught up with that ant farm guy and his worsening god complex, watched some faceless person masterfully restore some old farm equipment, a couple of classic cartoons re-compiled into some kind of experimental music, and now all the website is throwing up is lore explanations for a movie series you hate and a couple of “unboxings” of random garbage some trendy startup cobbled toge

[Quick word of warning, you might want to read the tags/description if you haven't already- There's a MAJOR tonal shift from part one]
It was early in the morning when James opened his eyes. He stretched, and felt something move strangely in his stomach. Who did he eat last ni-
“Nat?” he squeaked.
“So, you’re finally awake big guy.” Her voice was weak. “I’m sorry to say this, but I don’t feel so good.”
James was to his fee

Natalie and James had been together for some months now. They’d been through all the awkward footing around euphemisms about animal food chain relationships and culinary delicacies that couples like them inevitably started on, only keeping “My Sweet” as the designated cutesy nickname. James lied backfirst on the couch, sleepily tuning out whatever movie Natalie had been watching half an hour ago before she flopped down front first on his belly, and started squeezing at hairs in his chin

Setting a pair of frappuccinos down on the counter, there were no customers left in line. By this point in the afternoon Jessica was feeling her body’s age. Unfortunate considering it only started moving under its own power at 9 am. Since there were no customers around, she might as well get out to stretch and see if she couldn’t ‘advertise their wares’ a bit. It would be more than her wages were worth to have to drag this meat suit around until closing. She grabbed the food-safe pen

It was now three in the morning, and


prospects were looking bad.


’d spent all night lurking in the shadows around the bars, waiting for some drunk to stumble out alone, just sloshed enough not to defend themselves.


wasn’t a very good predator.

It was unfortunately early in the morning when Taylor first met the cruel mistress of daylight. It wasn’t most people’s definition of early, but it was certainly unfortunate. He only got to bed around 3 this morning and had had one hell of a night, but his rumbling stomach kept him from staying asleep. His head was pounding like crazy and his mouth was doing a passable impression of the Sahara. There was a pit in his stomach that made him feel like he could implode at any second and

It is often considered that the main thing about being eaten whole is dying in horrible acid. This is of course an entirely subjective matter, and quite possibly objectively incorrect. But It’s certainly one that people seem to fixate on for some reason. Some people who are, for whatever reason especially afraid of being eaten (due to previous encounters, a hostile environment, or just plain paranoia) took steps to attempt to mitigate this particular outcome, often using some cosmetic prod

Alex was not feeling well. They had always had trouble with digesting clothes, and it seemed that a few months of careless snacking on passersby has left them with a wad of polyester and belt buckles too large and awkward to throw up. Alex had been feeling a little bloated for a few days but didn’t think much of it. Too many big meals must be adding up. But yesterday really set it off. They’d been walking to the bus on their way home from work and felt peckish, it had been oddly cold

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