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I'm a person who writes stuff sometimes. Check out my interestingly arranged words and tell me why they suck!
I like to mix things up, and every piece is wildly disparate from the next! Is it going to be a cute fluffy fic or gory body horror? I don't even know! But more often than not you can expect to see roughly samesize roughly human preds/prey of either gender, with lots of niche extras trending towards doing mean things to preds. That said, I've done stories with all of those subverted.

If something strikes a chord with you, leave a comment if you'd like to see more!

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It was now three in the morning, and


prospects were looking bad.


’d spent all night lurking in the shadows around the bars, waiting for some drunk to stumble out alone, just sloshed enough not to defend themselves.


wasn’t a very good predator.

It was unfortunately early in the morning when Taylor first met the cruel mistress of daylight. It wasn’t most people’s definition of early, but it was certainly unfortunate. He only got to bed around 3 this morning and had had one hell of a night, but his rumbling stomach kept him from staying asleep. His head was pounding like crazy and his mouth was doing a passable impression of the Sahara. There was a pit in his stomach that made him feel like he could implode at any second and

It is often considered that the main thing about being eaten whole is dying in horrible acid. This is of course an entirely subjective matter, and quite possibly objectively incorrect. But It’s certainly one that people seem to fixate on for some reason. Some people who are, for whatever reason especially afraid of being eaten (due to previous encounters, a hostile environment, or just plain paranoia) took steps to attempt to mitigate this particular outcome, often using some cosmetic prod

Alex was not feeling well. They had always had trouble with digesting clothes, and it seemed that a few months of careless snacking on passersby has left them with a wad of polyester and belt buckles too large and awkward to throw up. Alex had been feeling a little bloated for a few days but didn’t think much of it. Too many big meals must be adding up. But yesterday really set it off. They’d been walking to the bus on their way home from work and felt peckish, it had been oddly cold


sipped her drink as she surreptitiously sized up her date. She had been introduced to


through a mutual friend, which was rather confusing for her. He had quite a few of the telltale signs of being a certain kind of date, making her wonder if she hadn't done something to annoy


, or if she hadn't inadvertently

Macy was a rather remarkable young lady. She’d made it to age 21 without managing to be eaten alive despite a number of natural disadvantages in the field. She had a petite stature that made her all too easy to just snatch her up, made all the worse by the fact that she happened to be quite enticing to the type of person who was accustomed to do the snatching. She wasn’t traditionally pretty, but certainly not unattractive. However, her prominent front teeth and the slope of her face

The Enchantress had a long history of odd jobs that seemed to vex even the greatest mages and warriors. She’s neutralized dark wizards, sealed away monsters, and stopped mysterious plagues in their tracks. What was excluded from tellings of this history, however, is the fact it was all done without a drop of innate magical ability or ever picking up a sword. This tended to surprise those who would seek her aid, expecting some all-powerful mage in opulent robes crackling with magical energy

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