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has been alive for countless millennia, having fought countless
battles, and having traveled across the galaxy. She has seen many
things, ranging from exotic wildlife to dangerous predators, and had
stepped across the surface of dozens of planet, ranging from harsh
deserts to frozen wastelands. In short, she has experienced quite a
lot as time went by.
however, was a rather foreign concept for the scout. Sex was even
more so.
a frame like hers, and being as old as she is, one w

Primal18 :

*I had just returned to my apartment well I should probably say my and my girlfriend Rachel's apartment. It's Valentines Day and I can't help but wonder what she has in store for me.*

I'm back


I am in the

Issei slammed back into a briefcase holder as Xenovia cornered him in a supply room. Xenovia closed the door and locked it so that Issei couldn't escape from her.

"You never gave me an answer." She said in a monotonous way. Clad in a revealing swimsuit she closed the distance between her and Issei.

"I want to make a baby with you." Xenovia co

Time: It was the final curtain for those in Team Water, as they were
both devoured on the space station by Serleena and Airachnid, without
Samus there to save them this time. Instead, Samus was down on the
beach, reunited with her beloved Rapunzel, successfully defending her
from the Serpent's Pass Serpent.
Zelda was able to successfully overcome impossible odds to defeat
Palutena in a fight so that she could return to her teammate, Megara
on the beach. But will Meg's deal with Ursula

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I have been talking with Ahsokafanboylives about his prey games and how his most recent one can get more votes. Which is why we have decided that I will be uploading his past, present, and future prey games on here. Also I will be creating a tag with his name so people can find what I have uploaded for him alot easier.

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