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Just another random person on the internet who happens to have a deep fascination with certain types of vore. I also sometimes write stories about it.

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Anteater-Girl's Festive Feast!
By PrinnyDood
Lin was happier than happy could be.
Just one week prior, she had passed the extensive series of tests and questionnaires, and been accepted into the Eternal Sisterhood. After years of hard work and dedicated study, it was time for her to finally start reaping the benefits – Including access to the infamous Spa of Eternal Youth, the most closely-guarded secret of the Sisterhood.
Lin herself had quite a bit of youth already, being barely ninete

Anteater-Girl's Ravenous Rampage!
By PrinnyDood
The day was perfect. Blue sky, green grass, and pleasantly flawless weather. Just the latest in a nearly-countless string of equally perfect days.
Jia and her coterie of young ladies of similar status made their way across the verdant field, down to the edge of the wide blue lake for a relaxing afternoon picnic.
Jia's first hint that the day might deviate from total perfection was an odd vibration running through the ground. An earthquake was ut

Lauren's Lizard vs Bikini Babes
By PrinnyDood
“Alright girls, I hope you're all ready for an unforgettable afternoon!” Lacy Len declared, a hand on her shapely hip. She looked like she was in her early thirties, tall and lean, wearing a light but fashionable outfit of sandals, shorts and airy blouse.
A murmur of agreement rippled through the crowd of bikini-clad young women. Close to fifty in total, they were all achingly gorgeous examples of feminine beauty, with a wide variety o

Crocodile-Girl of Placid Lake
By PrinnyDood
Seven young women stood on the bank of Placid Lake, in various combinations of nervousness and excitement. The blue, still water stretched out, the far bank a barely-visible, blurry green line. Much closer was a tiny, forested island, less than two acres across. A place of some reputation and rumor, known unofficially as 'Monster Island' in some circles. Their destination.
A rented pickup truck, with a medium-sized boat hitched to the back, was par

Earth-Girls vs Weird Science
By PrinnyDood
Shadows lurked and crawled through darkened, empty streets. A fragile sliver of moon hung distant in the sky, veiled by wispy shreds of cloud, weeping its dim, silvery illumination across the slumbering alleys and byways.
A solitary, female figure stalked through those silent paths, all her senses on high-alert, searching for any sign she wasn't alone.
Tiffany Autumn Wilkins picked her way through those seemingly lifeless streets, gorgeous, athletic fi

The Thing That Came From Space
By PrinnyDood
Lounging beside her large, immaculate pool was among Melissa’s favorite 'activities'. A gorgeously lithe brunette, she cut a striking figure in her bikini, in her opinion.
On this particular day, Melissa was joined by two casual friends, Beatrice & Caroline. Both perky, attractive blondes of questionable intelligence, they chatted and gossiped animatedly, while Melissa was content to just relax and read her trashy romance novel.

Dragon Tease 3: Magical Girl Buffet, part 1By PrinnyDoodGreat winged beasts.Celeste looked up towards the sky, a slight frown upon her pouty pink lips. Dragons.It was not an uncommon sight, to witness a dragon, or rarely two, soaring overhead, or even landing near the perimeter, in vain attempts to lure nubile young maidens outside the safety of the school's grounds.Five dragons, however, was unprecedented. And they seemed to be spreading out and descending, set to land all around the school's

Queen's Craving
was a busy, pleasant, productive morning in the miaxi hive.
Everything humming along in smooth coordination. Tasks completed on
time or ahead of schedule. Over two-hundred miaxi attending their
daily routines, lost in the diligent satisfaction of knowing exactly
what needed done, and how to do it.
one of numerous others in her caste, prepared happily for another day
gathering edible or useful things from the surrounding land. She had
her tools, and

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PrinnyDood's Blog - Apologies & Updates Posted 18 hours ago

Hey everybody . . .

Soooooo yeah, as you may have noticed if you follow my stuff, my updates have been pretty sporadic, even for me. I won't go into it, but the last several months have been pretty hectic, and it's run my inspiration/motivation down a lot.

Firstly, I'm afraid the Halloween Special I've been planning (see my Previous Journal) is gonna get delayed into some point in November. I just haven't been able to get my inspiration going, and at this point there's not enough time to finish by Halloween. I will be posting a very short, small 'consolation story' on the 31st of October, which I've been keeping in reserve for just such an occasion.

Also, on a more general note, I...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by wolfSnack 2 months ago Report

<< Reply To PrinnyDood

I'd love to hear your thoughts! :D You can see the first three parts here:

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Posted by wolfSnack 3 months ago Report

Xali and I finally got some work done on that story that we mentioned, which we'd based on Dragon Tease. We'd love some thoughts on the first chapter! We've completed three chapters so far (of ten), and we'd love some feedback...

(I forgot to include the link in the previous message, my bad.)

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Posted by psychoboy07 5 months ago Report

Happy early birthday, Dood.


Posted by Nalzindar 1 year ago Report

And thanks for the watch by the way, I will try to make more pictures from your stories in the future^^


Posted by psychoboy07 3 years ago Report

How's Prinny been doing?


Posted by Jack 3 years ago Report

Greetings PrinnyDood,

I stumbled upon your gallery just recently and am slowly catching up with all the amazing stories you wrote. So far, the 'Sorority From Hell' series is what I liked best.

I have seen that you are not as active anymore as you used to be, but then again - there was an upload just two weeks ago.
Thank you for that!
Even though some time might pass between two of your stories, they are still thoroughly enjoyed.



Posted by johnnyd1988 4 years ago Report

still taking commisions or requests?
like yugioh at all?


Posted by psychoboy07 4 years ago Report

Happy birthday, Prinny.


Posted by psychoboy07 5 years ago Report

Exactly two weeks til Halloween, Prinny. You ready?

Also, just realized Ben's been spamming your Wall. I am sorry.



Not at all.


Posted by psychoboy07 5 years ago Report

Happy early birthday(?), Prin.

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