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Just another random person on the internet who happens to have a deep fascination with certain types of vore. I also sometimes write stories about it.

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The Giantess Wedding-Crashers
By PrinnyDood
“Wait, really? I thought you were kidding, that's a real tradition?”
“Yes! And it's important!” Vhrah scrunched up her beautiful face, and pouted her pink lips cutely.
Melnatrix sighed, adjusting her glasses in a mixture of affection and exasperation. “Couldn't we just find something easier, and-”
Vhrah rose up on her snake-tail until she was a head taller, hands on hips. “No! I'm doing my best to be okay

A Giantess Lunch Break
By PrinnyDood
It was a sight Galdiant always loved – a bustling city-scape, populated by countless pristine skyscrapers, business-fronts and little cars zooming about. But best of all, this city was populated exclusively by women – a veritable buffet of lovely citizens just waiting to take their places in her belly.
Galdiant was an unusual woman to say the least, at over eighty feet tall, she towered above most buildings. Beautiful and highly voluptuous, wit

Shrunken Girls Meet Shoebill Storks
By PrinnyDood
Everything felt strange and woozy.
Rubbing her eyes, Elinor rose unsteadily to her feet. The last thing she remembered was . . . joining a huge group of college girls for a tour of the local zoo.
The next few things that Elinor noticed were that she was naked, she was not alone, and that she was in some sort of weird jungle-like environment.
All around, dozens of other similarly nude, bewildered young women were waking up, looked around and murm

Buffet of Babes in the Briny Blue
By PrinnyDood
It was a warm, pleasant summer night, and the Venus swayed, surrounded by the endless, depthless waters of the Pacific Ocean, hundreds of miles from any shore.
A highly luxurious and unusual cruise-ship, the Venus was populated exclusively by especially gorgeous young women – from the crew and staff, to the hundreds of guests, only women were permitted aboard.
Yet however unusual the nature of the cruise-ship, something far, far stra

House of Vorrors - The Shrinking Garden
By PrinnyDood
'Enter the House of Halloween Vorrors if you dare!
Contestants who reach the end win an exclusive interview for a exciting career in the beauty industry, as well as receive a coupon for a lifetime supply* of 'Unearthly Temptation' cosmetic and beauty products from Edible Scents LLC!
*Some restrictions may apply. Edible Scents is not responsible for-'
They were definitely in the right place, if the flier in Candy's hand was to be trusted.

The Dragon & The Slumber Party Girls
By PrinnyDood
Ayla was feeling thrilled and pleased with herself in equal measure, as she walked up the driveway. Being invited to a slumber-party was reasonably exciting, but this wasn't just any slumber-party – it was a slumber-party at Yvette Duval's (fabulously expensive) villa in the scenic countryside.
Yvette was somewhat notorious for throwing these kinds of exclusive, all-girl sleepovers, and talk afterward always indicated she was a consis

Slug-Girl's Sunkissed Snack
By PrinnyDood
Evening in the Bulvon Wood brought with it a symphony of chirping insets and croaking amphibians. The misty, marshy terrain was dotted with tiny pale lights – floating and hovering amidst the reeds and shrubs, each one a miniscule insect capable of generating its own light.
Pipril liked evenings a great deal, and this one was no different. Early evening also happened to be an excellent time to check her slime-traps – daytime creatures were

Tentacle Mascot's Birthday Intrusion
By PrinnyDood
Working on her birthday was not exactly the celebration Serena had been looking for, but at least she was done for the day. Feeling tired but a bit tipsy and in the mood for something kinky, she dug her phone out of her purse, and shot off a quick text.
'meet me at apartment
feeling weird and horny
surprise me'
Feeling a pleasant tingle of anticipation as she navigated the way to her apartment, Serena had a fairly good idea of what 'surprising

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Hey everybody! Been a little sick, and May was generally a pretty rough month for me, so the next upload is taking longer than intended, but I still wanna do a voting journal! Next round of story votes will be up when I finish the Dragon Tease Finale, which is gonna be quite a big one - expect a lavish and indulgent finale to that long-running series. x3

Anyway, to explain the title, I was wondering what ancillary/additional stuff, or context people most enjoy. Basically the circumstances or 'flavor' of a scenario, that's not necessarily critical to the vore itself.

I'll list some examples to help make it more clear what I'm talking about, but don't be constrained to just these in your replies, and a lot of them can combine. Please feel free to comment with...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by wolfSnack 1 year ago Report

Hey, wanna beta-read the newest Outfoxed chapter? :D I'd love to get your approval before posting ;)

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Posted by wolfSnack 1 year ago Report

<< Reply To PrinnyDood

I'd love to hear your thoughts! :D You can see the first three parts here:

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Posted by wolfSnack 1 year ago Report

Xali and I finally got some work done on that story that we mentioned, which we'd based on Dragon Tease. We'd love some thoughts on the first chapter! We've completed three chapters so far (of ten), and we'd love some feedback...

(I forgot to include the link in the previous message, my bad.)

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Posted by psychoboy07 2 years ago Report

Happy early birthday, Dood.


Posted by Nalzindar 3 years ago Report

And thanks for the watch by the way, I will try to make more pictures from your stories in the future^^


Posted by psychoboy07 5 years ago Report

How's Prinny been doing?


Posted by Jack 5 years ago Report

Greetings PrinnyDood,

I stumbled upon your gallery just recently and am slowly catching up with all the amazing stories you wrote. So far, the 'Sorority From Hell' series is what I liked best.

I have seen that you are not as active anymore as you used to be, but then again - there was an upload just two weeks ago.
Thank you for that!
Even though some time might pass between two of your stories, they are still thoroughly enjoyed.



Posted by johnnyd1988 6 years ago Report

still taking commisions or requests?
like yugioh at all?


Posted by psychoboy07 6 years ago Report

Happy birthday, Prinny.


Posted by psychoboy07 6 years ago Report

Exactly two weeks til Halloween, Prinny. You ready?

Also, just realized Ben's been spamming your Wall. I am sorry.



Not at all.

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