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Just another random person on the internet who happens to have a deep fascination with certain types of vore. I also sometimes write stories about it.

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Earth-Girls vs Weird Science
By PrinnyDood
Shadows lurked and crawled through darkened, empty streets. A fragile sliver of moon hung distant in the sky, veiled by wispy shreds of cloud, weeping its dim, silvery illumination across the slumbering alleys and byways.
A solitary, female figure stalked through those silent paths, all her senses on high-alert, searching for any sign she wasn't alone.
Tiffany Autumn Wilkins picked her way through those seemingly lifeless streets, gorgeous, athletic fi

The Thing That Came From Space
By PrinnyDood
Lounging beside her large, immaculate pool was among Melissa’s favorite 'activities'. A gorgeously lithe brunette, she cut a striking figure in her bikini, in her opinion.
On this particular day, Melissa was joined by two casual friends, Beatrice & Caroline. Both perky, attractive blondes of questionable intelligence, they chatted and gossiped animatedly, while Melissa was content to just relax and read her trashy romance novel.

Dragon Tease 3: Magical Girl Buffet, part 1By PrinnyDoodGreat winged beasts.Celeste looked up towards the sky, a slight frown upon her pouty pink lips. Dragons.It was not an uncommon sight, to witness a dragon, or rarely two, soaring overhead, or even landing near the perimeter, in vain attempts to lure nubile young maidens outside the safety of the school's grounds.Five dragons, however, was unprecedented. And they seemed to be spreading out and descending, set to land all around the school's

Queen's Craving
was a busy, pleasant, productive morning in the miaxi hive.
Everything humming along in smooth coordination. Tasks completed on
time or ahead of schedule. Over two-hundred miaxi attending their
daily routines, lost in the diligent satisfaction of knowing exactly
what needed done, and how to do it.
one of numerous others in her caste, prepared happily for another day
gathering edible or useful things from the surrounding land. She had
her tools, and

Girls Are Edible part 3:
Loda was having a fantastic
evening. One of her best in recent memory. Earth had proved a
perfect setting for the 'edutainment' show she hosted, with its
generous supply of vivacious, nubile earth-girls to 'co-star'
alongside the wonderful creatures they highlighted.
such display was currently in-progress, as Avrinn watched in rapt
we can see here," Avrinn spoke in her peppy 'hostess' diction,
"We're checki

of Snake Goddesses
was flying. Or floating. High above the ground. Silvery
illumination filled the night. A huge, full moon hung in the dark,
cloudless sky. Below her, a grassy field stretched out idyllicly,
spotted by sparse trees and a small stream.
instead of flying or floating, she was falling, albeit slowly. The
ground gradually, gently rose up to meet her. Either way, her gaze
soon fell upon ten or so figures sprawled out in the grass below.

cell was unexpectedly spotless. Just clean, bare, stark stone, heavy
bars polished to a glossy shine. Uana wondered who's job it was to
polish the bars in a prison cell. Certainly not the ones who had
ordered her put there.
she heard footsteps. The distinct click of high-heels on stone, the
noise filling her with heart-racing dread. Surely one of them
would never bother with her personally. But who else wore

PrinnyDood & Krisexy
Edrig (By Prinny)
dead was a hell of a thing. Literally, in Edrig's case.
was fairly certain he was dead, too. In large part due to the vivid
memory of being stabbed repeatedly by some sort of 'chosen one' kid.
And then hurled into a river of molten lava.
as an enforcer for an aspiring, world-conquering tyrant apparently
had some severe downsides.
yet there he was, standing awkwardly with thirteen strangers, on some
strange expa

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Hey there everyone (who reads these)!

Pandemic life has certainly been taking a bit of a toll on the Prinny, at least in terms of stress, which has somewhat slowed my creative process, despite all the 'free' time.

That said, nothing like some (poll-free) voting to relive stress, eh? The fist part of Dragon Tease 3 is now up, so I'm resetting the votes on part 2, so everyone who wants to see the continuation sooner should vote it up!

Also, since I wasn't terribly clear last time: You can vote on as many different stories as you like, and everyone gets another set of votes whenever I post a blog like this. So everyone feel free to feed my ego and post your votes for what you wanna see! xD Also don't hesitate to post ideas/make suggestions,...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by psychoboy07 11 days ago Report

Happy early birthday, Dood.


Posted by Nalzindar 1 year ago Report

And thanks for the watch by the way, I will try to make more pictures from your stories in the future^^


Posted by psychoboy07 3 years ago Report

How's Prinny been doing?


Posted by Jack 3 years ago Report

Greetings PrinnyDood,

I stumbled upon your gallery just recently and am slowly catching up with all the amazing stories you wrote. So far, the 'Sorority From Hell' series is what I liked best.

I have seen that you are not as active anymore as you used to be, but then again - there was an upload just two weeks ago.
Thank you for that!
Even though some time might pass between two of your stories, they are still thoroughly enjoyed.



Posted by johnnyd1988 3 years ago Report

still taking commisions or requests?
like yugioh at all?


Posted by psychoboy07 4 years ago Report

Happy birthday, Prinny.


Posted by psychoboy07 4 years ago Report

Exactly two weeks til Halloween, Prinny. You ready?

Also, just realized Ben's been spamming your Wall. I am sorry.



Not at all.


Posted by psychoboy07 5 years ago Report

Happy early birthday(?), Prin.


Posted by lenscap 5 years ago Report

Thanks for the favorites and watch! I love your stories, they are so creative and sexy. They have inspired more than a few of my drawings =)

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Posted by Bookie 5 years ago Report

<< Reply To PrinnyDood

Seriously, I really do. Your works a very well written, with lots of development in all the right places, and many details where needed. Your formulations are correct, and the pacing at which your stories go is comfortable.
You are very talented, and I can't do much more than simply write my cheers for you and your awesome stuff.
So here they are, cheers ! <3

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