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Just another random person on the internet who happens to have a deep fascination with certain types of vore. I also sometimes write stories about it.

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Dragon Tease 3: Finale
By PrinnyDood
Symphonette was not an especially skillful or experienced sorceress. She had only been accepted to Apex Pinnacle College of Enchantment & Sorcery one year prior, in fact.
Beautiful, youthful and petite, Symphonette wore the uniform of collegians at the magic school well – a thin, tight blouse of white and short skirt of navy blue. Her vibrant red hair tied back in a tidy braid.
But in spite of the unforeseeable disaster, a veritable invasion of dr

Spelunking In Felarya
By PrinnyDood
Himmei hated caves. She hated darkness and the underground in general. Thus dark, underground caves in Felarya were the worst, in her assessment.
A practitioner of light magic, Himmei wore silky robes of white and gold upon her slim, petite figure. Her pale blonde hair cut shoulder-length, innocent blue eyes large and round.
“The normal rout is just not gonna be usable,” their guide, Pomigranite spoke confidently. “Several giant-sized so

Voracious Family Values
By PrinnyDood
The reception area for the resort was huge and sparsely decorated, paintings and fliers stacked neatly against the wall.
'Madam Vysteria's Spa & Exotic Buffet', was the name of the place, and despite the invitation from her mother and older sister, Amber wasn't certain she liked the sound of 'exotic buffet'. It brought images of weird stuff like sea-urchin dishes to mind.
Her misgivings aside, Amber, her sister Carolina, and a few of their friends had de

Vore Ball part 1
By PrinnyDood
Tracy Morgan had been born into an era of unprecedented change and prosperity on Earth. The Date was May, 2059, and a lot had changed in the past thirty years. Proof of extraterrestrial life. First contact with galaxy-spanning alien civilizations. Treaties, alliances and trade that caused an influx of technology that Tracy's parents had never dreamed of, but she had spent most of her life enjoying the benefits of. Illnesses cured, environmental damage reversed

Weird Science - Tentacle Trouble
By PrinnyDood
Connie Whilp was not always thrilled by her part-time job as an assistant at Nakajima Laboratories. The hours weren't great, and she had heard all sorts of rumors about the poor safety-conditions, though she hadn't personally encountered anything untoward.
Barely out of college, Connie was a gorgeous and youthful young woman. Blonde, slim and on the shorter side, she was nonetheless satisfyingly curvy in all the most desirable areas, her nubile f

Sphinx's Game
By PrinnyDood
The ancient, sprawling ruins of Ur-Sagol were a common starting-place for new and inexperienced adventurers. Partly because, despite being long-since abandoned by the original builders, even the wild nature of Felarya was slow to reclaim the land. But far more important, was the Gate.
Seemingly indestructible, magically defended from predators, and able to connect to anywhere in the universe, it was one of the most accessible ways to enter and leave Felarya.
The dow

When Girl-Eating Space-Lizards Attack
By PrinnyDood
Chatting with her friends at the mall was the last place Brianna expected to be attacked by aliens.
Brianna was a pale, tall woman with long, dark brunette hair and blue eyes. Her figure was slender but full-chested, adorned in a fashionable tight blouse and short skirt.
Standing around the food court with her friends Cindy, Mitzy and Jenna, the four beautiful girls perfectly normal lives suddenly too a turn for the strange when the surroundin

Ghost Girl's Erotic Haunting
By PrinnyDood
Almost an entire year had passed, since Lucinda's encounter with the supernatural. A woman – or something that had appeared to be a women – had appeared in her home and introduced herself as 'Elizabeth'. And then grown strange appendages, and devoured both of Lucinda's friends alive.
In the intervening months, Lucinda had wondered if she were simply crazy. Though nothing could explain Nancy and Rhoda disappearing without a trace. Or her

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Hello again, everyone!

Thanks for your general patience, I've been trying to fight off a pretty persistent flu or something for a while, which has left me with reduced energy for smut, unfortunately.

I managed to finish the first chapter of the Vore-Ball series though (available now!), which has been quite popular, and there are a couple of other stories I have in reserve which are basically done, and I'll be posting in the coming weeks.

But while I'm clawing my way back to health, why not have another round of Poll-Free voting! (If you notice Dragon Tease is missing, don't worry – that's just because it's 100% finished already, but I'm gonna make everyone wait a while longer before I post it xP)

As always: Just post a reply...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by wolfSnack 2 years ago Report

Hey, wanna beta-read the newest Outfoxed chapter? :D I'd love to get your approval before posting ;)

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Posted by wolfSnack 3 years ago Report

<< Reply To PrinnyDood

I'd love to hear your thoughts! :D You can see the first three parts here:

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Posted by wolfSnack 3 years ago Report

Xali and I finally got some work done on that story that we mentioned, which we'd based on Dragon Tease. We'd love some thoughts on the first chapter! We've completed three chapters so far (of ten), and we'd love some feedback...

(I forgot to include the link in the previous message, my bad.)

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Posted by psychoboy07 3 years ago Report

Happy early birthday, Dood.


Posted by Nalzindar 4 years ago Report

And thanks for the watch by the way, I will try to make more pictures from your stories in the future^^


Posted by psychoboy07 6 years ago Report

How's Prinny been doing?


Posted by Jack 6 years ago Report

Greetings PrinnyDood,

I stumbled upon your gallery just recently and am slowly catching up with all the amazing stories you wrote. So far, the 'Sorority From Hell' series is what I liked best.

I have seen that you are not as active anymore as you used to be, but then again - there was an upload just two weeks ago.
Thank you for that!
Even though some time might pass between two of your stories, they are still thoroughly enjoyed.



Posted by johnnyd1988 7 years ago Report

still taking commisions or requests?
like yugioh at all?


Posted by psychoboy07 7 years ago Report

Happy birthday, Prinny.


Posted by psychoboy07 7 years ago Report

Exactly two weeks til Halloween, Prinny. You ready?

Also, just realized Ben's been spamming your Wall. I am sorry.



Not at all.

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