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Avatar made by stardust-shoesaders, and can be found here:
Please note that I got tired of not having an avatar, and decided to use their post. If an admin wants me to take it down, I will.
I am a 21 year old who, for privacy reasons, will not share place where living, who I am, or what I do. Anyway, I'm into Hetalia, Star Wars, etc. I have a DeviantArt account called VariousWriter, which isn't connected to the one here at all. Here's the link:
I want to express here and now that I am not the person behind the VariousWriter account here.
Apart from that, I am very much a Female Pred/Prey person, so please don't commission me to do M/F or M/M. Plus, many of the female characters in my stories are either lesbian or Bisexual, so please don't hate me for that.
I also want to state that I own nothing in any of my written works, except the story and the plot.

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Ukraine yawned, stretching her arms as she basked in the sunlight late one spring afternoon. Katyusha sighed, her arms falling down like limp noodles as she breathed in and out. Her back moaned, but not in pain, rather, the feeling of-quite literally-her wings wanting to stretch as she soared over the land below, invulnerable to all.

She glanced back at her girlfriend, Canada, or Madeleine Williams as the humans knew her. But to the curvy Ukrainian, Madeleine looked lik

Laura Edwards and Maria Bishop


to get together to go visit their friend





who lived

in Ukraine


for a surprise visit

Barriss slid down a hill as she heard blaster fire closing in near her, and she rolled to her feet to continue running. She wished that she had her lightsaber to defend herself, but she had forgone having her weapon to make it easier to trust her on her probation. Now, it was something she missed as the clones were gaining on her.

At least she had cleared her conscience when she apologized to Ahsoka for her actions during the te

Canada knew that things couldn't have gotten any better as she rubbed, poked, and shook her satisfied stomach around. Let's go back to earlier today, shall we? 

Ukraine thought that things couldn't have gotten any more weirder. Firstly, four months ago, she'd found a shrunken Canada laying oh-so-casually on one of her panties. Naturally, she panicked, and put the female Canadian in a jar, only to ingest her a day later.


thought that things couldn’t have gotten anymore stressful as of late.

She knew that she wasn’t the most powerful countr

y, nor was she the most recognizable.

It didn’t matter that she was the old

er sister of America, who was

It was a very cold night, while Canada and Seychelles were in a cabin. The heating system was broken, but as Canada was kind of used to the cold, she wasn’t nearly as bothered as Seychelles, who was holding herself and shaking, wrapped up in as many blankets as she could get her hands on. Canada went behind her and gave her a big hug to help warm her up, kissing her on the head.

Canada: You know, there is a better way to ke

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Title says it all. I'll try to get some of my current things done (like the trade with RedNin), and also happy early Valentines Day!

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Good I'd say, krl stuff has kinda sapped my energy but it's getting done and soon enough I'll be able to just upload it^^

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