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I am a 21 year old who, for privacy reasons, will not share place where living, who I am, or what I do. Anyway, I'm into Hetalia, Star Wars, etc. I have a DeviantArt account called VariousWriter, which isn't connected to the one here at all. Here's the link:
I want to express here and now that I am not the person behind the VariousWriter account here.
Apart from that, I am very much a Female Pred/Prey person, so please don't commission me to do M/F or M/M. Plus, many of the female characters in my stories are either lesbian or Bisexual, so please don't hate me for that.
I also want to state that I own nothing in any of my written works, except the story and the plot.

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Belarus looked down at her quite literally shrunken girlfriend, who was just as shocked as she was. “Amelia,” she asked. “Are you alright?”

“I’m terrified about the fact that I’m less than four inches tall, but otherwise fine.” America answered, heart pounding in her chest. This…this couldn’t have happened! She had to go to a world meeting in less than an hour, and she was shrunken down to at least three inche

Ukraine hardly bothered to go to bed with Madeleine, even though they were dating and girlfriends. The main reason wasn't because she didn't want to be ingested by the Canadian woman when they were sleeping, but rather, it was because she knew Madeleine would feel her scales and realize exactly what she was.

Sure, she happened to be the personification of Ukraine and all that, but the truth was that Katyusha Cherneko was a Naga. This, unfortunately, had carried over to

Seychelles was on her way to Belgium for a nice, sexy surprise for her busty, beautiful girlfriend. A nice, long plane ride was her way there, and she'd, once Seychelles arrived, be picked up by Belgium. Maria Bishop sighed, and relaxed into her seat. She was only an hour into her flight!

After her flight, she walked up to Belgium, who was giving her an eye. In Belgium's pants, there was a small, but distinct bulge. Most people

Madeleine Williams sighed contentedly, her very beautiful girlfriend, Katyusha Cherneko, rubbing her back. The Ukrainian female's aqua blue eyes faced her own violet eyes, joy evident within those cute orbs. Then Ukraine's stomach grumbled softly, and the other female blushed with embarrassment.

"Not only do I have a sexy, loving girlfriend, but also, a very hungry one," the Canadian female teased.

"In our entire relationship Mad

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i'm more into unbirth/av than anything, absorption is ok too but anything else doesn't really click for me. oral is just really overrated and i couldn't care less about it

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You're free to PM me at any time.

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Yes, requests are still open.

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