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I'm a brony "artist" (or at least I'm trying to be) who likes Softvore a big bulging bellies.
I'll post here all my vore and non-vore related works.
I hope you like my poor drawn pics.

You can watch me in DA, FA and Twitter too:




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When you design an OC, there's much more work to be done besides coming up with her appearance and personality, specially if you want to give it a good and rich background. This is an issue I stumbled upon after making Basta, I have lots of ideas for her, but my writing skills definitely suck (english ain't m'ah native language I tell you what).

This good lad iconartlover8999 was nice enough to write me a quite well-worded origin story for her, where it explains how she was found and brough to the present world. I personally enjoyed it a lot and I shall use it as her "canon" story until well, I come up with more ideas that will provably (but hopefully not) clash with what it's written *cough cough*
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Posted by supersaiyango 11 months ago Report

Hello. Are you a rper?


Posted by Bellymuffin 1 year ago Report

hey man, thanks 4 watching


Posted by nightmaresoul40 2 years ago Report

keep your good work


Posted by StygianRook 2 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch!

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Posted by gachabork 2 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch.

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Posted by Kenyinightwing 2 years ago Report

un arte de caulifla por favor


Posted by nightmaresoul40 3 years ago Report



Posted by TinyHero 3 years ago Report

Planning an RP with someone, and was wondering if we can use your OCs for it? Mainly student, teacher, or even principles as well?


Posted by dkrule 3 years ago Report

ndllo qurstion


Posted by IsistheKitsune 4 years ago Report

A little gift.



Posted by MobiusTheIce 4 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch, hope to not disappoint! Also, you do have some nixe works here :D


Posted by TheLazyWizard 4 years ago Report

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