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Just a vore writer! If you enjoy my stuff, feel free to order a commission, or pledge money on Patreon! Either way, I hope you enjoy! <3

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The Lockwood Natural Wonders was an adventuring party that has gained much fame and renown over their years of questing. Many have come and gone over these years. They've traveled the seas in search of riches, fame, and the thrill of adventure. The original core crew is Captain Ezra Lockwood, the half-elf rogue, Eloy, the asinine (donkey) centaur bard of great renowned, and the mako-shark merman monk, Wake Scalebound. They and the other crewmembers came together with different goals in mind. How

The Irken invasion of earth, lead by the recently reinstated tallest Miyuki, was a huge success. There were still a few loose ends. One was the earthlings Dib and Gaz. They’ve been a thorn to the side of any invaders who’s attempted to take over this watery dust-ball of a planet. Zim was a complete and utter idiot, so that was no surprise. A few other idiots joined his side and failed at all. For this reason, Miyuki didn’t take them seriously. That was until they destroyed one

RaizatheGreatLast Tuesday at 9:39 PM

A rather skinny green-haired boy ran along the sidewalk, dipping and dodging anyone in his path. His blue eyes saw the High School in the distance. This high school student’s name was Jason Gray, but most just called him by his nickname, Jace. Was he late? No actually, he wasn’t. The reason he rushed to school, actually, was in order to meet up with a friend, before class. They’ve known each other since early middle

Sabaody Archipelago, the last stop every pirate made before Fishman Island. From there, they shall travel to the new world, or die trying. This place was always chaotic. One part was amusement park, towns, shops, and other tourist attractions. The other half was a lawless zone, where the world government turned a blind eye. Even sectors with protection had their own darkness to them. A prime example was the slave trade, which created more crime. Even with that, today was a particularly chaotic d

Iris’s eyes flickered open, upon the morning light. The young reporter was gathering her thoughts, what did she do last night? She and her husband, Barry, were up drinking a bit and having fun at Star Labs (of all places). Barry Allen was a forensic specialist who worked for the police department. However, some of his close friends also knew him as the lightning quick superhero, The Flash. Currently, he was out of that famous red suit. So his normal appearance and stature showed. Short dar

“Well well




. You look like you can’t fight


.” Haineko taunted her prey, in a childish tone


Triumphantly, the cat-girl

stood a

A week had passed since Sakura and Hinata disappeared. Ino volunteered for this mission. Even if they were rivals, they still had a bond. Ino looked grumpy, as she walked down the road. Her midriff showed. Ino had a nice fit and toned body from years of training. Her breasts weren’t as big as Hinata’s, but they still stretched the fabric of the dark-blue tank top she wore. The only other thing that seemed to cover her body was white bandages. They covered her thighs, ass, and grind a

kunoichi traveled through the deep woods. They were sent on a
scouting mission. There were rumors of a Hidden Sound Village base
located in this forest. It wasn't known if it was Orochimaru's men,
or some that went renegade. Either way, they were considered a threat
to Konaha. Two very skilled kunoichi were sent; Hinata Hyuga, and
Sakura Haruno. They were normally on separate teams, but their usual
teammates were busy with either training or another mission. In any
case, the two chunin doubt

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I'll put it simply. I have three slots open, first come, first serve. I'll post an update once these slots are filled!

For more information, check out the link to my commission status below!


Also, if you can spare a buck, support me on Patreon!


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Posted by Sansshrew 2 days ago Report

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I'll be looking forward to it

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Posted by Sansshrew 3 days ago Report

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No prob! I didn't think I'd ever see a Nedra vore story.

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Posted by jonathan123 1 month ago Report

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gunna read it later


Posted by Malezor 6 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch! :D


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No problem. ^^


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ok, thank you!!


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I'll make sure tool. thank you.


Posted by Karsap 11 months ago Report

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You're welcome!


Posted by Super57s 11 months ago Report

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i'll think about it. Thank you for the suggestion, its appreicated!


Posted by Horoble 1 year ago Report

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Don't mention it dear, I love your stories! They're all incredibly well written, and I find the basis for a lot of them to be very enjoyable! I could learn a lot from somebody as talented as you!


Posted by pregnantmeat 1 year ago Report

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Hey! Give me back my watch! I need it to tell time! Lol, no prob, thank you for the great works to read!


Posted by VoraciousShapeshift 1 year ago Report

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You're welcome. 'Gilda's Royal Treat and Toy' is good, I particularly like where Gilda gives Luna's ass a smack.

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