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Just a guy who likes weird and random stuff. Like almost all types of vore, MLP, furries, animes, video games, all that kind of stuff.

May or may not try to write about said weird stuff every once in a while. We'll see.

Also, for stuff I have made that does not include noms, feel free to check out my DA. :)


I've also got an FA where I also post this stuff.


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Randomnessisbae's Blog - Story vote! Posted 4 years ago

So I've got a few ideas going through my head at the moment. While I do want to do all three, I want to figure out which one to do first. So to help with this issue, I've created a poll.

The stories will feature my dragon pony Inferna. She is a blacksmith who lives on the mountainside near Canterlot. However, due to the dragon blood in her veins she tends to get cravings for ponies. At times it will get bad enough that she can't control herself and will eat others. The princesses know about this, and have decided to make her their executioner for the worst criminals Equestria has.

Now the story will also have Voltwrecker's Dusk in it who is an assassin dragon pony.

I'll just put the strawpoll here and let you guys decide what happens!

[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by RexLou 4 months ago Report

Thanks a ton for the watch man, I really hope you enjoy the content I do! I'll have to check out your lit as well~


Posted by PumpkinSugarSpice 1 year ago Report

Hi mate thanks for the watch XD I appreciate your support!


Posted by Rica431 1 year ago Report

Thank You very much for the + watch I hope you enjoy and enjoy my things and be very happy here :3
glad to artists)


Posted by 0plushbird0 2 years ago Report

thanks for the watch! c:


Posted by Mark45 3 years ago Report

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You're welcome. Your stories are kind of fun. ^^ Hope you'll like mine too if you read them.

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Posted by Gutswimmer 3 years ago Report

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I'm sure I will, thanks!


Posted by PregnantFerret 3 years ago Report

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I’ll be sure to!


Posted by njeraldson2 3 years ago Report

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you're welcome!! i'll check them out some time :)

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Posted by selfrog 3 years ago Report

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Any time, dude!


Posted by KrasnyiKoiot 3 years ago Report

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Hyee, right on~!

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Posted by TaciturnTiger 3 years ago Report

Thank you for watching me. :3


Posted by G0DF1RE 3 years ago Report

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if you EVER have free time talk to me on Discord i'd love to talk about art I need all the mentoring I can get


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