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I'm Rayen! :V

I just a person who enjoys drawing cute/lewd things. I'm a pretty friendly person, so feel free to chat with me or anything! :V

When not drawing stuff, I enjoy playing games and also designing them (though I'm an awful programmer :V). I sometimes do RP, but usually just with people I know fairly well.

My primary project at the moment is Adventure RPG, which you can find in my gallery!

tumblr: https://rayenbirb.tumblr.com/
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/rayen

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Don't worry, not by me or anything. :V

I just wanted to bring some attention to the VTRPG that SiberMan is doing.


It looks pretty good, so if you like ARPG, you should go check it out. :V

(This has been a half-assed advertisement brought to you by Rayen. :V)

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Posted by SierraMarisin 1 month ago

I love your work!
And I heard you've gotten sick. I hope you feel better soon.


Posted by kramooo 2 months ago

Happy Vore Day


Posted by b5n 3 months ago

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roger roger


Posted by b5n 3 months ago

are you going to rework on your vore game ?


Posted by Kartomic 4 months ago

I've been following ARPG for quite some time now, and in light of today's update, you are a fantastic writer. You've gone above and beyond traditional vore/lewd stories, and created a world where eating or sexing everything isn't always the best answer. You've done it before, but I simply must commend you for introducing elements of serious moral problems into ARPG.
Thank you for all your hard work, Rayen. <3


Posted by zbuilders 5 months ago

Why is the random item on your page always the same thing?


Posted by Aces 5 months ago

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Damn. Well, do you have existing sprites I could pilfer instead?

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Posted by Aces 5 months ago

A little ruskie birdy told me you do RPG maker sprites. :U Also a certain delicious goat had also pointed me in your direction.

I just started a new project lately. I wanted to know if you might be able to help with sprite artwork. I am using VX Ace, but I want character sprites using the old XP art style because it's less shit. I already imported the old sprites from RPG Maker XP, but I will need many, many more to come.

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no one

Posted by no one 5 months ago

<< Reply To Rayen

Yeah, to this day I still can't believe I actually managed to get it. Love your stuff!


Posted by AwokenedWispKP 6 months ago

Everything you draw.. is completely adorable!! N-nuff said. >//n//<


Posted by MidnightNoon 8 months ago

All your stuff is fantasticaly cute.


Posted by zbuilders 9 months ago

Why aren't you updating ARPG? Usually if you don't you at least post a journal or something

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