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A fiend of many faces! Commonly referred to as 'Halo', you can find me lusting over monster girls being thrown into all sorts of voracious encounters on both ends of the spectrum! You'll be finding some of my story stuff getting dumped here from time to time with inconsistent updates until further notice! Always happy to get a message and always happy to get some socializing done, if we keep it polite.

I'll listen to every request thrown my way, but I'll likely only take it up if it interests me significantly. No reason why we can't talk about some fun ideas regardless!

RP? I do that too! Throw me a private message after catching my thread right here. https://aryion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=54674

Reach me at Discord! Halo#6470

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me! Two others! Matching uniform! Now!” Flare yells from the top of
her lungs, shaking the unwittingly captured Neko. Brows furrowing,
her patience neared tipping point after a few seconds of
What’re you talking about?!” The frightened Neko stumbles over
her words, enjoying a casual stroll until this raging woman dampened
the light mood. “I don’t know…!” She cowers in place, choking
back tears. Expecting the worst to happen, she was let off ea

the cork from their champagne bottles, the pair of weary hunters
guzzle the beverage down, the veteran of the two exhaling a chill
mist on the otherwise warm afternoon. Faint glows of sunlight sparkle
across the buzzed girl’s forehead, setting her alcohol aside to
tone down the ruckus. They weren’t alone in the current expedition,
a shaggy tent unfitting for a trio segregating the group from each
other. Beaming like the hot-headed girl she was known for, the
crimson haired girl folds

Winter gales set in during the lonely afternoon. Knee deep mounds of
snow gathered along the hillsides, shrouding the prowling arctic
fox-girl in search for her latest meal in desperate times. Food was
scarce this time of year, many seeking shelters in favor of braving
the cold while the ones that roamed actively boasted far greater
power than the average helpless creature. Amber eyes peek through the
gaps of her camouflage, spotting what appeared to be a lonely elf,
searching through the

her head low, a lone soul treads the cold city path. The evening had
set in as the street light stricken path guided the woman through the
area to one of her favorite meeting spots. Oozing out confidence, the
charming lady raises her head and reaches out for the sky, a blessing
sure to reach her darkest desires. The blessing of a young, healthy
lady falling completely for her impenetrable grip. Her evening
tradition nearing abysmal success rate. Searching for the cream of
the crop presen

Tantalizing the crimson eyes of the onlooking lizard girl, Jade. A
shiny, likely valuable in her own imagination widget found itself
lodged tightly within the muddy ground. Efforts to pry the tool out
with clawed fingertips ended in quick failure. The very existence
tormented the curious being, refusing to concede so quickly.
her knuckles while the lengthy scaled tail swept the air behind her
prepared form, it was do or die. Taking a deep breath, Jade leapt

in the dark and wrapped in blankets, snoozing the hours off with the
creaking caravan carrying the weary party of four through the
countryside. Set to doze the entire journey off, a few bumps too many
shot the groaning dog girl right up, rubbing her exhausted eyes.
Throwing the curtain open, the rest of her squad manned the outside,
steering the trotting horses ahead of the quiet road.

already Olivia? Your shift won’t get any lower!” A grinning wolf
girl snaps at her, steadying

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