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A fiend of many faces! Commonly referred to as 'Halo', you can find me lusting over monster girls being thrown into all sorts of voracious encounters on both ends of the spectrum! You'll be finding some of my story stuff getting dumped here from time to time with inconsistent updates until further notice! Always happy to get a message and always happy to get some socializing done, if we keep it polite.

I'll listen to every request thrown my way, but I'll likely only take it up if it interests me significantly. No reason why we can't talk about some fun ideas regardless! More so if your tastes align with Azur Lane, Touhou or Girls und Panzer!

Reach me at Discord! Halo#6470

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Raynebow's Blog - Updates and Ambitions Posted 2 months ago

Hey folks! Firstly I promise I'm NOT DEAD! There ain't gonna be another ten month hiatus before I upload a few more things and return to my slumber! I haven't done one of these blog things before so I wanted to try and address a few things I've got in mind!

I've been mental blocking pretty dang hard, but that's mostly overcome now that I've got a new normalized schedule. Working hard can really put a damper on your mood, but even that's not enough to prevent anything from getting out now! Since I've got things steady here, I'll be back and uploading stories again! No promise on a consistent schedule, but I've got one finished work ready to hit the shelves in the next couple days or so! I'll be sticking to Azur Lane and stuffing more boat waifus till they can't walk. Also, I've...
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Posted by BridgeCross10 5 days ago Report

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Hah, anytime! keep an eye around, im probably doing New Jersey in the future, if all the stars align and have free time.

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Posted by BridgeCross10 5 days ago Report

Hey, thanks for the watch! Big far of your Azur Lane Stories

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Posted by Jxyzz654 2 weeks ago Report

Thanks so much for the watch, and for all the help and advice!


Posted by Gladim 1 month ago Report

Thanks for the fav and watch.


Posted by garuruga 3 months ago Report

Thank you for watch!! (>ヮ<)

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Posted by GoneForever 3 months ago Report

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No thank you! We gotta spread the love for the shipwaifus! :D


Posted by RediQ 10 months ago Report

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Posted by DimentedChaos 1 year ago Report

Heya, thanks so much for the watch!


Posted by 101danmnations 1 year ago Report

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No problem,buddy!


Posted by StygianRook 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by aovm 2 years ago Report

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You're welcome.

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