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Alex was a handsome guy in his mid twenties, fairly slim and nearly 5'8" tall, with a pretty face, short dark hair and big brown eyes. Today he was waiting for his friend Parce on a gaming party and already prepared some snacks and coke to please his pal. He dreamed that one day they will become more, than pals, since a handsome male kitsune occupied a place in his heart since he saw him at the first time, but Alex still didn't dare to tell the fox about his feelings.

A lovely five-tailed kitsune decides felt hungry the beach. Luckily for him, Alex was carelessly sunbathing on his way and looked like just a perfect belly stuffing for the voracious fox...
Alex was a handsome guy in his mid twenties, fairly slim and nearly 5'8" tall, with a pretty face, short dark hair and big brown eyes. Today he was lounging on the beach with sunglasses on his eyes, having a nice rest after a long and hard working week at his so much waited weekend, dri

Alex was a handsome 16 year old boy with fairly slim and sporty body, pretty face, big brown eyes and short dark hair, nearly 5'5" tall and 120 pounds heavy. He was living with his parents near the coast of the river. His father was a fisherman and his mother was a housewife. Everything seemed to be as usual this evening - mother was cooking something on the kitchen, father was sitting on an armchair in the living room and repairing his fishing nets and Alex was drawing foxes on a piece

Yami was quite a handsome mouse. His body was slim and elegant, his face was pretty, with big blue eyes and long whiskers, and his hair was long and shiny. More prominent features than those, however, were his long pink tail and his rather large ears, and the short, golden fur that covered his entire body. He was an archeologist, exploring the jungles of Southern America and searching for lost Mayan pyramids. Normally he would carry a revolver, but he had to trade that for food and water at a

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Cheers for the watch. ^.V.^


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Hey! Thanks for the watch and all the faves!


Posted by FrostByte 5 months ago

Thank you so much for the watch and all the favs, RedNastyFoxy. I'm happy you're enjoying my big-belly artwork. I have a blast making them. ❤


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Thank you for the watch~!!x3


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Thanks for the watch!


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Heh heh, cheers for the watch mate Foxy :)


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preylove21 and my nickname is jonathan and lynette

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Tank you for the fav!!!

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tag. im watching you and waiting for you on skype

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Thanks for the +fave and for the +watch.


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Hey thanks for the fav!


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Thank you for the watch, I really appreciate it!!

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