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Hello! Not much I'm willing to say. I'm not an easy person to talk to if we don't hit it off? I mean, I'm fairly shy and rather reserved is all.

I'm a male predator only fan. So I'll be filling my gallery with predominantly M/F and some M/M included. I draw a little, I write a little and things like that.

As stated...I'm not good at conversation but if you ever want to shoot a message at me then you're free to! Just please note that, I'm fairly forgetful. Sometimes I mean to reply to something and I probably forgot. Very sorry if that ever happens, but please don't think I'm ever ignoring you.

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You know something I always wondered.
It's really a silly question though! Just something to move away from that negative whine whine whine post.

I don't see many guys who have an actual monster boy as a sona or main OC? I mean furries are another thing but a guy who enjoys monster boys and keeps monster boy characters is pretty rare. I'd imagine that's because of there's not lots of monster boy art (and of course most guys being straight and wanna draw monster girls instead) but still, you know? I see tons of humans but not many monster boys from anyone that isn't already into guys. That's just my own experience and my own observation and it's still a pretty narrow viewpoint. Also kenomomimi count in this regard too!

Cat boys don't count. Cat boys are oversaturated....
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Posted by ForeignSoviet 1 month ago

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No worries!

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Posted by TenaciousTinkerer 2 months ago

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S'no biggie man! :>


Posted by Whitefangs 2 months ago

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Anytime ^^

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Posted by Fantasia 2 months ago

Thanks for the fave!


Posted by dokudoku 2 months ago

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Any time! Thank you for the content!


Posted by chaso07 2 months ago

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you're welcome


Posted by Vir 4 months ago

Thanks for the watch. :)


Posted by Belloc 4 months ago

Thanks for that watch! :)


Posted by AlluringPredation 6 months ago

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Your welcome, only cause you deserve them, and with the hopes of seeing more cute monsterguys.


Posted by Rosebud 6 months ago

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Posted by Rosebud 6 months ago

Hey friend! Thanks for the watch!


Posted by linou 8 months ago

Hey hey hey ! I like you~

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